5 Things that can cause stress for your cat

A feline suffers anxiety due to fear of other cats or the arrival of another animal at home, among other causes

A stressed cat may mark the house, hide under furniture, and even compulsively groom itself. Anxiety damages your well-being and prevents you from being happy. But what stresses you out? This article includes five common causes of anxiety among felines and their solutions : among them, fear of other cats, fear of the arrival of another animal at home, changes in the home, an inappropriate litter box and punishments .

Is my cat under stress?

Cat stress affects their quality of life and compromises their happiness

A stressed and fearful cat may begin to relieve themselves outside the litter box and mark the house. Other anxious felines remain motionless and hide under furniture and sofas . ” Stressed cats also stop playing. The compulsive grooming is also usually a sign that the cat suffers from anxiety and even can become damaged skin and hurt themselves .

These symptoms of stress can be more than enough reason to go to the vet, since anxiety damages the well-being and compromises the happiness of the feline. That is why it is so important to know what stresses a cat.

1. Stress in cats: fear of other felines

Almost half of the felines fight with other cats occasionally or more frequently. The most frequent cause of stress for a cat is the fear that its territory will be invaded by another feline, either from the neighbourhood or another that lives in its own house.

If you have a garden, this fear can be solved in a simple way with the use of enclosures that prevent the entry of other cats in the neighbourhood. If it is suspected that the feline is afraid of another equal with whom it shares its life, tricks to avoid fights between cats may help.

2. Fear of the cat: the arrival of a dog or other feline at home

The arrival of a dog to a house where a feline already lives can be a source of stress for the animal, especially when it is not used to living with other dogs. This does not mean that cats and dogs cannot be great friends, nor that two felines cannot live in the same home and become inseparable companions; but you have to know the guidelines to achieve it.

3. Cats with stress: beware of changes and moves

Felines are very sensitive to changes in their territory. If they live in a house, this affects the house fully. It is enough to share a routine cleaning day at home with them (with the consequent movements of furniture and the appearance of new smells) to realize it. The cats are very sensitive to changes in their environment , any change may become a source of stress that harms their well – being.

What to do then? The hormones cat can help and allow the cat to explore freely modified stay. In case their owners move house, there are five tricks to make a move with cats easier that will prove valuable allies.

4. Fearful cats: keep an eye on the sandbox

Felines that are stressed or afraid often make it noticeable. One of the earliest warnings of your anxiety is misuse of the sandbox. Fear or anxiety is one of the main causes of a cat urinating or defecating outside of its litter box. Some, under the dangerous effects of stress, urinate on the walls or furniture in the house or leave their stools outside the place that has been prepared for this use.

5. Stressed cats: fear of punishment

Cats, like dogs, are affectionate animals that can develop very strong emotional ties with the humans with whom they share their lives. In addition, they can be polite, contrary to what many tend to think. However, in this task, punishment is not a good partner.

Felines do not respond well to punishment : instead of learning what not to do, retaliation often makes the cat run away in fear. In addition, punishment is stressful for the feline and generates new behaviour problems, instead of solving the proposed ones.

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