Why do some cats get attached to one person?

You may have noticed that some cats only have one master. They can then ostensibly ignore the other members of the family, sometimes even going so far as to refuse their caresses. But how to explain that they choose one person over another? 

A favorite human listening to them

Some cats, especially those that weren’t properly socialized as kittens, tend to choose a favorite person among those around them. This person can be the one who feeds themthe one who plays with them most often, or the one who makes them feel safe. Indeed, trusting a single human is hard enough for a feline…

It’s often someone who doesn’t try to force them to do something they don’t want, like cuddling. On the contrary, this person respects their wishes and lets them come to them. The person that cats prefer is therefore often the one who is most attentive to their needs. And who gives them all the attention they want while not invading them.

Of course, this does not always mean that the cat will not be attached to anyone else. But just that it has a deeper relationship with that particular person. Someone it considers somewhat like a reference person.

In any case, this behavior reveals once again that cats are not the independent and selfish creatures that we believe. Indeed, contrary to what one may hear, they do not appreciate humans only because they give them food. Not only do they feel affection for their owners, but their attachment is sometimes so strong that some felines can even suffer from separation anxiety.

How do you know if you are your cat’s favorite person? 

There are several signals that your cat sends to you that may indicate that it prefers you. It may have a habit of purring when it sees you, lying on your laprubbing against youfollowing you around, or head-butting you.

Additionally, it’s also worth noting that some believe it’s also a matter of race. Thus, the Siberian cat, the Norwegian, the Russian Blue, the Bengal, the Bombay and the Himalayan would share this characteristic. However, this theory has not been scientifically proven…

Moreover, a recent study has shown that the bonds that are created between a cat and a human can be as complex as those between two humans. Moreover, tactile interaction and mutual attention would be the basis of the relationship. However, it turns out that women tend to be more tactile than men. It is therefore more likely that a cat will choose to attach itself more specifically to a woman…

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