Tonkinese Cat care: from grooming to body hygiene

Tonkinese cat care: from grooming to complete body hygiene. All beauty tips for the well-being of this cat. 

The Tonkinese is a cat with a healthy and robust constitution, very resistant as regards its health.

It is an energetic and very playful cat, it loves its owner with whom it spends a lot of time having fun, but despite this sociable aspect it also loves spending time on the side lines, taking care of itself, but never alone.

However, even if apparently it may seem an undemanding cat, because it has short hair, on the contrary it needs special attention.

Let’s see what the experts advise to take care of the Tonkinese cat from fur to body hygiene.

Hair care of the Tonkinese

The Tonkinese is a short-haired cat, certainly less demanding than a nice cat with thick fur, but it is still a mistake to underestimate it.

The Tonkinese is a breed of Burmese origins but it was the work of the American scholar, Jane Barletta, who started a new breed of cats by mating a Siamese with a Burmese .

The result of this union was the Tonkinese a cat with a tonality defined as “mink”. The breed was then officially recognized in 1979 by TICA and CFA, the two most important feline associations in the world.

The color of the Tonkinese does not appear immediately in puppies but manifests itself around 16 months of age.

The accepted colors in the Tonkinese’s coat are Brown / Natural, Blue, Chocolate / Champagne, Lilac / Platinum, Caramel, Cinnamon / Honey, Red, Cream, Fawn and Apricot.

In addition to these magnificent nuances of colors to the touch, the hair is dense and soft and at sight short, bright and adherent to the body.

Precisely because it is a short-haired cat breed, only one brushing per week is enough, since it is not subject to the formation of knots and not even the problem of cat hairballs that the animal can pick up with its tongue and ingest.

Of course, however, like all animals it is subject to seasonal moulting, where you need to pay more attention and dedicate a few more days to brushing.

To remove the dead coat, at these times of the year it is recommended to brush the cat even every day.

Tonkinese hair care brushes

Just like for us humans with our curly hair, whether it be straight, short or long, cats also have hair divided into types that then need different brushes.

They are essential brushes, useful for keeping the cat’s coat clean and shiny. Regarding the short coat of the Tonkinese you need the following accessories:

  • cat glove : A five-finger design brush can quickly and gently remove hair and modify hard-to-reach spots. At the same time, it can fully massage the pet’s skin and promote blood circulation;
  • a wide-toothed comb: chromed metal teeth, very gentle on the cat’s skin, thanks to the rounded teeth;
  • a slanatore: effectively removes dirt, hair, tangles and knots in an appropriate way.

Hygiene and cleanliness of the Tonkinese cat

In addition to a weekly brushing, the Tonkinese needs adequate hygiene. Let’s see what it consists of, the hygiene and care of the Tonkinese cat.

The luck of the domestic cat is not only in having a roof and a warm place to stay but also in having one person, if not an entire family to take care of him.

Not only does it take care of brushing but also of its body hygiene. For how many hours of the day a cat can spend cleaning its body, there are some points it cannot handle.

The intervention of his human friend to take care of ears, teeth, nails, up to the bath is fundamental, which is why his master will have to:

  • clean your ears gently to remove earwax that builds up and can cause problems. Cotton swabs, gauze or a simple napkin should be used, taking care not to damage them;
  • clean your teeth, brushing them every two or three weeks, with a special toothbrush sold in specialized stores;
  • cut the nails, carefully and delicately, with the use of specific scissors. This is a complicated operation that the cat does not like. Experts advise not to carry out the operation at home alone but to consult a grooming professional.

As for the bath, the Tonkinese being short-haired does not need to be washed regularly unless it gets heavily dirty.

However, it is possible to use specific products for cleaning the cat such as sanitizing wipes for animals.

Let’s not forget that the health of the cat’s fur and the shiny appearance it shows is also due to a healthy and complete nutrition of the Tonkinese cat, at the basis of cat care.

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