Somali Cat care: from grooming to body hygiene

The care of the Somali cat and everything related to hygiene and daily grooming up to the bath of this feline breed.

Although the cat is an animal that loves to take care of its body alone, when the cat in question is domestic, some difficulties arise, such as the possibility of shortening the nails in a natural way.

In these situations it is the owner who has to intervene in order to have a healthy cat next to him and to see his precious fur shine.

Instead, let’s see what our task is to be able to take care of the Somali cat.

Somali cat care

The Somali cat is a medium-sized feline with a compact, agile and muscular body. and a medium-long coat.

The Somali cat has Australian origins, even if it is often thought of as an American. It has a hair of medium length, soft and fine, thick but close to the body.

The Somali cat’s coat comes in 28 colors. The most common ‘is a rich golden brown with an apricot colored base, tipped with black.

On each coat there should be at least three different colored bands that make up the ticking, sections of contrasting color from base to tip.

In order to keep the Somali cat’s coat in good condition, a weekly but constant brushing will suffice.

Even the cat ‘s nutrition has its importance in determining the beauty of the coat, as there are feeds on the market with a high intake of vitamins useful for avoiding excessive hair loss.

Alternatively, it is possible to offer fish that contains omega 3 fatty acids which also give the coat strength and shine.

To learn more about the Somali cat’s diet, in this article you will find a complete in-depth study.

The ideal brushes for the Somali cat’s hair

For brushing the Somali cat you need different accessories for each grooming phase, such as:

  • The comb: to eliminate possible knots
  • stiff bristle brush : with the tip protected by small dots. Useful for brushing the long hair of the cat but without causing damage to the skin of the animal;
  • soft bristle brush : made with long, soft and dense bristles. Useful to eliminate dust and anything else stuck to the cat’s fur

Hygiene and cleanliness of the Somali cat

It might seem unnecessary but to complete the hygiene of the Somali cat, a bath cannot be missing.

The Somali cat, like all cats, should not be washed unless strictly necessary and in any case only and exclusively with specific products for the hygiene of our pets.

Currently there are many pet shops specializing in the sale of hygiene products, such as cat shampoos , soaps and creams.

As for the drying of the coat, although that of the Somali cat may be medium-long, it is advisable to avoid the use of the hairdryer in order not to scare it.

However, the use of a soft towel can instead be useful for not irritating the skin, dabbing it gently.

There are valid and alternative practices for avoiding bathing or at least doing it only in cases of extreme dirt.

The alternatives are:

  • wipes : cleaning, soaked and perfumed wipes suitable for cats. An excellent alternative to clean any part of the cat’s body;
  • dry foam shampoo: it is distributed on dry hair and then remove it with a cloth and brush. As you can guess from the name itself, it does not require water.

Regarding the hygiene of the cat’s body, the speech is different. In fact, it is necessary to clean the ears, mouth and nails much more frequently (even every day).

This is to prevent your Somali cat from getting sick or suffering from infections, secretions, mouth diseases or even injuring herself with her own nails.

For the nails, experts recommend having them cut by the doctor or the groomer himself, since it will not be an action that the cat will let you do with confidence and could get injured.

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