The purr of the cat: it is not always a sign of pleasure

If the purring of our cats turns out to be an excellent therapy for humans, it does not always mean that domestic cats express a state of well-being. Purring is a phenomenon that is caused by movements of the air in the respiratory system of cats. Here then is a path on the different meaning of the purr of cats.


The kittens of cats purr to exchange information with the mother to whom, when they take milk, they express their pleasure. The mother also responds with a purr to communicate safety and protection to them. When the exchange of purr between the mother and the kittens takes place there is also an exchange of pheromones that communicate to the cat the feeling of security that, when they grow up, they will always go to look for when they are stressed. Not surprisingly, cats perceive humans as their mother and mimic the same behavior as when they were kittens.


When they grow up, cats purr for pleasure when they are in a situation where they are not afraid and in harmony with their owner. By purring, cats release pheromones, marking their territory. The purr is also used to communicate that they are hungry or when they want to caress.

Cats also purr in front of an aggressive cat to communicate its peaceful intentions. It is a purr of submission and fear.


There are also types of purring related to pain: in that situation the cat tries to eliminate the pain. These are very sad situations whereby when a cat is injured and in agony it will purr which in that case serve as a gratification to the pain, as well as the pheromone that will be released, will reassure the cat in the face of death, even if it is not aware of it. what will happen.

At the moment, the experts point out, it is a still unknown mechanism for which it is difficult to distinguish the various types of purr, between fear, pain, joy or submission.

If a cat is always purring or vice versa you never purr, so it could be a stressed cat, it is suggested that you take him to the vet.

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