The cat is always hungry: the causes and what to do

The feline can become ravenous for various reasons such as boredom, incorrect nutrition or a disease. Here’s how to intervene.

Do you have a cat and have you noticed that he eats too much? Has cat recently changed his habits and does not detach himself from food anymore? Does the cat meow all the time until he gets something to nibble on? That of the cat in constant search for food is a widespread problem that worries the owners of these pets a lot. Sometimes it’s normal behavior, other times it’s the wake-up call of something wrong.

The hungry cat: the causes and what to do

If you have found polyphagia in your cat, here are the causes that could have triggered it.

  • Incorrect nutrition: Poor quality commercial food or insufficient quantities of nutrition can lead to an increase in appetite precisely to compensate for the qualitative or quantitative imbalance.
  • Boredom: if you don’t spend enough time with cat, if you don’t let him play and have fun he will start meowing and get food. This will trigger a vicious circle; the cat will meow and want food to receive attention.
  • Hyperthyroidism: cats with hyperthyroidism have an increase in appetite and at the same time lose weight becoming more restless and aggressive.
  • Acromegaly: This is a clinical syndrome that arises as a result of excessive production of growth hormone. It is usually caused by a pituitary tumor and has polyphagia as a symptom.
  • Diabetes mellitus: in the early stages of the disease the cat has an increase in appetite, thirst and urination (polyphagia, polydipsia and polyuria).
  • Intestinal parasites: cats suffering from tapeworms or roundworms have an increased appetite. The ingested food is absorbed by the parasite and therefore the cat is always hungry.
  • Lymphoplasmacellular enteritis or intestinal lymphomas: the cat shows an increase in appetite and diarrhea.

How to intervene? First of all, it is advisable to take the cat to the vet who, after a thorough examination, will be able to identify the cause of the abnormal behavior; after treating the disease, the cat will resume feeding as he always did. If, on the other hand, polyphagia is caused by an incomplete diet you will have to change your diet and again if cat eats too much because he is bored then the solution is only one: cut out and spend more time with him, play, get plenty of pampering, interact more. when you are at home.

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