The cat questions you’ve always dreaded asking the vet

There are things we sometimes don’t dare to ask our vet, but here are some common cat questions that finally have an answer.

Cats are fascinating animals, special and full of mystery. Even if we do not have a cat, it is undeniable that they arouse curiosity and doubts about some of their habits, characteristics and perhaps some superstition or belief that we do not know if it is true or not. This is why sometimes some questions about cats are not asked to vets, perhaps because they seem so absurd to us that they are embarrassing, or because we don’t really know how to ask the question. But today, finally, these bizarre doubts are answered by the experts.

The most bizarre cat questions

Are cats really attracted to people who are allergic to them?

Many of the unanswered questions about cats stem from superstitions. Contrary to popular belief, cats can’t smell people who are allergic to them. If cats are paying particular attention to someone with allergies, chances are they are responding to that person’s body language.

People with allergies, in fact, tend to ignore or avoid the cat in the room with them, which reduces the feline fear of that unfamiliar person. Kittens are more likely to be attracted to someone who gives them their space, and allows them to get close to humans first.

Is it possible to give a cat too much catnip?

Some felines seem to lose control when they are near catnip. Fortunately, this plant is harmless and non-addictive to cats. Some cats, explains the expert, are attracted to catnip because it takes over their olfactory senses.

There is nothing wrong with letting your cat enjoy the smell of catnip, in case he is attracted to it: this plant can be used for training or playtime for the kitty. But we must keep in mind that our cat may start to feel nauseous or irritated if we give it too much.

Can a cat really be trained to use the bathroom?

Another of the most common but often not asked questions about cats. Veterinarian said it’s possible to train a cat to use a toilet, but the disadvantages can outweigh the benefits of the cat’s ability to eliminate litter.

A change in urine output is often the first sign of a serious medical condition, and if the cat is using the toilet than the litter box, they are more likely to miss a chance to notice. It is also worth noting that if a family member accidentally leaves the toilet lid closed, closes the bathroom door, or is occupying the bathroom, the cat may have accidents around the house as he is not used to the litter box.

Can cats tell if a woman is pregnant?

Some superstitions and popular beliefs claim that these furry friends of ours can tell if a woman is pregnant, and that they are attracted to people who are expecting a baby: but that’s not true, cats are not cute and furry pregnancy tests.

Richter explained that cats have an incredible sense of smell and are good at reading body language. During pregnancy, women experience profound changes in their hormone levels that can affect their personal scent, so cats can sense that something is changing based on the new smell. 

Also, a person’s body temperature often rises in the first trimester of pregnancy. So if we notice a cat snuggling up to someone who is pregnant, they may just be enjoying the extra body heat. And how can you resist the call of a little warmth to relax and get some sleep?

Are male cats friendlier than females?

Although male cats have a reputation for being more sociable than females, there are no significant personality differences between the two genders. Many people seem to think that male cats are generally more affectionate than females. In reality it is assumed that there is simply a great deal of individual variation, and that not a clear difference between males and females.

Is it okay to feed only dry cat food?

Some cats are fine when they only eat dry foods. However, wet cat foods are generally higher in protein, and are always higher in moisture than dry foods, which better meets the nutritional needs of cats, veterinarian says.

Cats can effectively avoid chronic dehydration by having wet food in their diet. Chronic dehydration too often leads to tooth decay, bladder stones, and urinary tract infections. Many health problems can be prevented simply by adding a daily meal of wet food to the cat’s diet.

But if we still insist on feeding our cat dry food only, we should feed it in several small, measured meals throughout the day, rather than always leaving a bowl ready for the cat.

Will having a cat neutered change her being friendly?

Sometimes female cats seem more affectionate with their owners after a spay, but experts say spaying doesn’t actually alter a cat’s personality.

Before being spayed, kittens frequently go in and out of heat, so their energy often focuses on mating. Once spayed, they may be able to relax and focus more attention on their human companions. 

After being spayed, male cats may behave less aggressively and spray less, although the cat’s overall personality is still primarily a product of genetics and upbringing.

How can you tell if your cat is overweight?

One of the questions about cats that vets are sometimes asked by owners most concerned about their cat’s health is about their cat’s possible obesity. Having extra fat can put felines in danger of developing chronic health conditions. Fortunately, it can be easy to tell if our cat is overweight.

When we look down on them, overweight cats don’t have a recognizable life. From the side, an overweight cat’s belly is closer to the ground than the chest. Another sign that our kitty is too plump is if we can’t feel their bottom ribs by running our hands lightly over their hips.

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