But why does my cat always follow me to the bathroom?

It’s a fact, your cat is a real pot of glue. It likes to follow you everywhere in the house, and in particular in the most intimate places, like the toilets. And woe to you if you dare close the door in their face! Not that the fact that it watches you do your little business doesn’t make you uncomfortable, but you would still like to understand why it seems so interested in it… In reality, several reasons can explain this behavior!

1. It is attracted to smells

The number one reason your cat might follow you into the bathroom is simply because it’s a place that contains a lot of odors. Especially since it is an enclosed space. Odors are therefore easily identifiable.

However, as you know, the smells of urine and stool are loaded with information for our feline friends. Indeed, for them, doing their business is a way to mark their territory, but also to communicate with their fellow creatures.  

2. It wants to control everything that happens on his territory

When you lock yourself in the bathroom, your cat can’t see what you’re doing or what’s going on. However, for an animal as curious as them, it is very frustrating. Not to mention that the cat is a real control freak. It hates closed doors because it likes to see everything that happens on their territory and can’t stand being left out. 

Also, by following you to the bathroom, your cat also wants to make sure you’re not doing anything that might attract predators. Indeed, cats have a habit, in nature, of burying their excrement in order to hide their tracks and not to be spotted. Your hairball may therefore want to control that you do the same. It’s his survival instinct that speaks.

3. It feels vulnerable

For your cat, you are a source of comfort, but also of security. Indeed, our feline friends certainly have the spirit of large predators, like the lion or the tiger, but, given their small size, they are also prey. In fact, they may tend to feel vulnerable. 

Thus, if your cat is used to accompanying you to the toilet, it may be because it wants to take advantage of this feeling of security that you offer them. Especially if following you around that intimate place has become a habit. Indeed, the routine is something particularly reassuring for thiem.

4. It wants your full attention

Your cat knows for a fact that when you go to the bathroom and sit on the bowl, you’re a captive audience. Indeed, it is perhaps one of the only times of the day when you are not distracted by something else (television, children, cleaning…). So it knows it can have your full attention for a while. And, above all, to be caressed at will…

5. It doesn’t realize it’s weird to follow someone to the bathroom

After all, why wouldn’t your cat follow you to the bathroom? Yes, unlike you, it doesn’t know that this behavior is socially awkward. And for good reason, the concept of intimacy is uniquely human!

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