LaPerm Cat care: brushing, bathing, grooming tips

Have you decided to adopt a LaPerm and do you need some advice for the grooming and hygiene of this breed? Then you’ve hit the right piece.

In this article, in fact, we will deal with the care of the LaPerm, a cat of American origin whose body is massive at the same time agile and quick to not for this reason it can be neglected.

Let’s see what the advice of the experts to take care of the LaPerm, its hygiene and its coat.

LaPerm coat care

Let’s start by emphasizing that there are two varieties of LaPerm: short hair and semi-long hair. Both to be treated with attention and consistency but certainly in a different way.

In our article we will deal with the short-haired LaPerm variety, which is why caring for it is very simple.

The short-haired LaPerm can be black, white, chocolate, cinnamon and all shades of grey / blue, lilac, cream, deer.

The curly coat for both varieties (long and short hair) can vary in length and fullness depending on the season and maturity of the cat, but it has no undercoat.

The curls are tight, ring-like. The tightest curls are found at the bottom, at the throat and at the base of the ears. The tail instead looks similar to a ‘pipe cleaner’.

The frequency with which it is appropriate to brush this breed therefore depends on the length of its coat. Brushing, however, serves to avoid shedding hair throughout the house.

Finally, it is useful to prevent the formation of cat hairballs with which the animal could cause intestinal obstruction problems.

It is a naturally wavy, but silky hair, it does not get knotted, just comb it two or three times a week.

Experts therefore recommend brushing LaPerm every day, only during moulting periods, to remove the dead coat.

As we all know, for each type of cat hair there is the appropriate brush, in the case of the LaPerm the following accessories are therefore needed:

  • a wide-toothed comb : Plastic handle and chromed metal teeth, very delicate on the cat’s skin, thanks to the rounded teeth;
  • a slanatore: It will allow to achieve the best results, no more annoying tangled furs, 5 minutes are enough to remove large quantities of residual hair.

However, it must be said that attention must be paid to the diet of the LaPerm cat if you want to have a cat with a healthy and shiny coat.

Therefore, offering genuine, quality and fresh products to the animal ensures good health and a spectacular coat.

LaPerm hygiene and cleanliness

Bebopscrx, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The care of every living being is the principle of every state of health in good condition. The hygiene of the cat like that of any other animal is essential.

The LaPerm is a cat that needs basic care, nothing too demanding but still important.

Organizing a cat’s day, right from a puppy, with a routine for its hygiene is useful for its health as well as making work less uncomfortable and heavy for the owner.

This is because the cat by creating a habit will tend not to rebel and to be elusive.

LaPerm care mainly consists of brushing the teeth, cutting the nails, cleaning the ears and eyes.

Specifically, it will be necessary:

  • clean the cat’s teeth every two or three weeks, with a special toothbrush found in specialized pet stores
  • clean the ears gently to remove the ear wax that builds up due to their shape. Cleaning can be done with cotton swabs, gauze or a simple napkin, being careful not to damage them
  • the eyes should be cleaned with a damp cloth or wipe, to avoid infections such as conjunctivitis in cats
  • the cat’s nails should be trimmed to prevent the cat from hurting himself and others. An act to be carried out with extreme care and delicacy, using specific scissors and moving delicately.

The bathroom with the drying with soft towelshelp keep curly hair.

Always use specific products for cats or even do-it-yourself shampoos, but never use shampoos for human use. The hair dryer, on the other hand, is better not to use it as it will tend to make the cat’s hair ‘frizzy’.

It will be enough to take a bath a month, unless it gets heavily dirty, but there is a remedy for this too, as it is possible to use comfortable wipes for rather delicate animals.

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