Donskoy Cat care: brushing, bathing and grooming tips

The care of the Donskoy is everything related to the beauty secrets of this breed, from hygiene to daily grooming.

At the basis of a long-lived and healthy life of every animal is the care we have for them and the type of diet we offer them every day.

As we all know, each breed has different needs, both for food and for body care.

Therefore, if you choose to adopt a Donskoy cat it is essential to learn how to take care of the Donskoyc, from hygiene to grooming.

Donskoy care: grooming and hygiene

The Donskoy is a charming and unmistakable cat for its appearance, thanks to its wrinkled and chamois-like skin.

Cats, in general, are very clean animals, they spend many hours taking care of their hygiene, with the help of their rough tongue, typical of felines.

This habit allows them to cover their own smell , that of food or the smell of their master.

However, this operation does not always succeed independently, in fact every cat needs the help of its owner to be able to carry out a more adequate cleaning.

In this article we are going to describe the necessary care for a specific breed of cat, namely the Donskoy cat breed. 

It is a cat with a light coat of hair that appears in cold periods and disappears with the arrival of summer. Very elastic skin and marked wrinkles, especially on the cheeks, parrots and under the chin.

They are also found at the base of the neck and tail, on the front and bottom of the legs, on the downward sides of the body and groin, and in the chest area.

Precisely because of this characteristic, it is necessary to know that the Donskoy can be outdoors but you have to be careful, as in addition to sweating, it risks getting tanned or burned if it is exposed to the sun for too long.

The Donskoy does not need to be brushed, it is only advisable to pay attention to parasites and to bathe more frequently, due to the excess fat that escapes from the pores.

It is also important that the products used for grooming are suitable for your delicate skin, such as shampoo and especially conditioner purely for hairless cats.

It is always good to get used to your cat from an early age, as the Donskoy is not one of the cat breeds that love water.

Experts recommend always using lukewarm water, avoiding that the product comes into contact with eyes, ears and genitals.

Then ending the bath with a correct drying without leaving out wet areas on the cat’s body and above all without rubbing, damaging the delicate skin of the Donskoy.

Furthermore, the benefits of a correct diet that your vet can advise you should not underestimate, as this breed usually needs more calories than other breeds to maintain optimal body temperature.

If you want to know more about Donskoy diseases, in this article you will find a complete study.

Hygiene and cleanliness of the Donskoy

It is very important not to neglect any part of the cat’s body, as the Donskoy’s care also includes eyes, ears and nails.

In order to take care of the Donskoy cat it is necessary to use some accessories and products suitable for the skin of this breed, with which it will be possible to provide:

  • eyes of the cat : Cleaning the eyes of the Donskoy is of great help in the prevention of both annoying infections such as conjunctivitis and blepharitis in cats;
  • ears : The ears of the Donskoy being pendulous, must be cleaned and checked periodically to avoid the accumulation of secretions and the development of infections and skin disorders;
  • nails : Shorten the nails of the cat to prevent pain and infections caused by the growth of the same inwards, by contacting a specialist or veterinarian;
  • mouth : Oral hygiene is essential and useful to avoid diseases of the oral cavity. This can happen thanks to the use of sanitizing creams and comfortable toothbrushes, easily available in specialized stores.

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