How to stop a dog fight?

If you are a dog lover, nothing is more unpleasant than watching a fight between them. Even more so if the dog involved is yours. For sure you will want to intervene to stop them, but be careful, because it is not as simple as it seems. You need to know what to do before separating them and getting a bite.

For this reason, since it could happen at any time, we will give you some advice. Follow the steps below to be able to stop them.

The steps to follow to stop a fight between dogs

Keep calm

Always remember that  you have an advantage over animals, in this case over dogs: rationality. Therefore, keep calm. Keep in mind that fights between them usually last a few seconds.

The best thing you can do is try to scare them to distract them, to stop fighting. At times like these, it’s not a good idea to use your hands to stop the fight.

Use water

If you have water on hand, throw it at him. This will distract them and they will separate.

It is a very effective method. We recommend that you always carry a bottle of water with you when you go to the park or any other place where there are other dogs besides yours. He can help you in an emergency.

Find an item to use

As we told you earlier, using your hands is not a good idea. Use anything that can divide them. It could also be a piece of cardboard found in the trash or other similar items.

A blanket

Throwing a blanket at him could make him lose his sense of direction, and give you the opportunity to push your dog away. Obviously, no one carries a blanket when they leave the house, but sometimes it is better to be foresight. Your best bet would be to carry a backpack with everything you need in case any problems arise.

Pull its tail

 If there is one thing that dogs hate, it is that their tail is pulled.

Any dog, even if engaged in a fight, will turn around if he feels it being pulled.

If you do this with a dog that is not your own, use protection to keep it from being bitten.

Use your feet

If you have sturdy shoes,  you can push one of the dogs with your feet to get away. Of course, you don’t have to hurt them, as long as they notice an obstacle between them that makes them lose focus.

If the dogs in question are too big, be careful, as they could injure you.

Be on the alert

Most dog fights can be avoided if we keep ours under control. If you notice your furry friend growling, barking, or lunging at a fellow dog, be on the alert. The fight is about to begin.

The best defense is said to be offense,  and this also applies to dogs. So be careful, keep your pet on a leash if you know he’s aggressive, and if he’s not, don’t let him loose until you’ve made sure other dogs are like him too.

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