The cat pees everywhere: causes and remedies to make it stop

Not all cats use the litter box: sometimes there are some problems that lead the cat to pee everywhere: but what are the causes and how to make it stop?

Cats are usually very attentive to hygiene and cleanliness animals and they get very annoyed if they are not in a perfectly clean and tidy environment: everyone knows the proverbial attention of these domestic felines in keeping their fur clean and combed, as well as It is well known that the cat is naturally predisposed to use the litter box for its own needs.

Nevertheless, it is possible to find yourself having to deal with what may apparently seem the exception that confirms the rule, but it is actually a rather common case and linked to some very specific problems: the cat that pees everywhere. Why does a cat not use the litter box and tend to urinate around the house? What reasons can push him and how to make him stop? All you need to know is in this article!

The cat pees everywhere: why and how to make it stop

It seems incredible to say, but for a cat, urine is not only a physiological need: the cat’s pee is a real communication tool that the animal uses to express itself when there is something wrong. If the cat does not use the litter box, therefore, there is always a very specific reason behind it and it is essential to find out which one to correct this annoying and unhygienic habit.

Why does the cat pee all over the place? The causes

Territoriality and changes

As for many other animals, pee is first of all a way to “mark the territory” : if there are other cats in the house, it is possible that the cat decides to spray a little urine here and there to signal to his peers “this it’s mine”. Usually, this behaviour is typical of the dominant cat who by peeing around wants to emphasize his leadership of the pack.

The best way to understand if territoriality is the reason why the cat pees everywhere is to observe him while urinating outside the litter box: if he wants to mark the territory, in fact, the cat will spray the jet of urine vertically and from above, at about 20 cm from the floor. Usually, non-neutered cats tend to practice this habit.

Cats are animals incredibly tied to their habits and absolutely do not tolerate the slightest change: a new piece of furniture at home or the purchase of a new perfume by a family member may be enough to unleash the fear of a cat in the cat. threat in its territory!

So here, in front of a change more or less radical and sudden, the cat may start urinating anywhere in the home to mark his “possession” of the land. Other changes that could trigger this inappropriate cat behaviour are the arrival of a new born in the house, a move and in general any stressor for the cat.

Finally, it is possible that the cat tends not to use the litter box because there is something in the “box of needs” that does not meet his tastes or his normal feline needs: for example, the litter box could be dirty or placed in a place. too “crowded” or difficult to reach. Also be careful not to place the litter box too close to bowls or in cold and noisy places.

Health and physiological problems

It is not certain that the cat decides to pee around the house for “external” reasons: sometimes, indeed in the vast majority of cases, the cat’s failure to use the litter box depends on diseases and health problems. Among the pathologies that lead the cat to urinate everywhere, we remember:

– Cat urinary tract infections 
– Kidney problems or stones
– Feline diabetes 
– Incontinence

These diseases are often recognizable due to other symptoms that go hand in hand with the cat’s habit of peeing everywhere, such as:

– Blood in the cat’s urine 
– Feline incontinence 
– Overweight or obesity
– Old age

Finally, there are psychological causes that can lead the cat not to use the litter box and urinate around:

– Feline depression , often present in the elderly cat
– The cat is frightened by some particular event
– Anxiety and stress in the cat , usually due to an environment not suitable for its needs
– Lack of education in the use of the litter box 

What to do to make the cat stop peeing everywhere?

If the cat urine in the home is essential to identify the cause : first, you have to contact a veterinarian with a thorough examination and thanks to urinalysis can detect the possible presence of a health problem by prescribing the most suitable treatment to specific case.

In the event that the cat’s habit does not depend on a disease, you can think of a problem that can be solved by changing some habits related to the litter box : more frequent cleaning, change of position, etc.
If this does not solve the problem, we recommend that you contact a specialized behavioural veterinarian who can help us understand where the problem is and how to solve it.

In the meantime, it is a good habit not to scold or mistreat the cat that pees everywhere in the house: in addition to not solving the problem, this behaviour is counterproductive because it increases the feline’s stress. Much better to use positive reinforcement systems, rewarding the cat when using the litter box and striving to remain calm when urine drops are lying around.

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