How to prepare your cat for the arrival of a baby?

Are you expecting a happy event and you don’t know how your hairball will react? Animals are very attentive to changes and particularly feel our emotions. Also, it is important to prepare your cat well for the arrival of a baby in the family. Here are some tips to make it go better. 

talk to him, show him

The first step is obviously not to change your habits towards him. Your cat may find out before you know it yourself. So, do not hesitate to reassure him. To do this, it is important not to neglect him and to remain attentive to his needs as well.

Install things for the future baby in their daily life

Having a baby in addition to a cat is a big change in everyday life. Thus, to better familiarize your tomcat with this new arrival, you can already install all the equipment you will need: some furniture, toys, clothes, etc. However, your pet must understand that this is not for him, but for the newcomer. Thanks to this, he will be introduced little by little to these new elements of everyday life.

Don’t rush him

The main thing is to go gradually. Indeed, if you are considering direct acceptance from your cat, this will not necessarily be possible. This operation requires time and patience. Also, when the baby arrives, it’s likely that you won’t have as much availability for your cat, which is understandable. However, you must not neglect him, so that he does not take it as an abandonment or that he feels less legitimate in the family. You will also need to give your tomcat time to understand this change.

A question of adaptation

The cat can sense that a change is coming and that you are expecting a baby. The main thing is to prepare yourself for this arrival, in particular by taking care to include him in all the daily news so that he can familiarize himself with them. So, with a little time, your little four-legged friend should adjust to this new member of the family. It’s also possible that your cat doesn’t really change his attitude or, on the contrary, that he becomes very protective. Indeed, he can feel responsible for a benevolent role and choose to take the place of bodyguard or become this baby’s best friend!

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