How to feed a baby cat

small cat always provokes tenderness and protection. Feeding it in the best way will depend on whether the feline is weaned or not. If, unfortunately, its mother has died or if you have found an orphaned kitten, you are responsible for its feeding. At Petlifey, we explain how to feed a baby cat.

How to feed a new born cat

If you find a cat that is too small, or a newborn, that has not yet been weaned, you have to know that you can only give milk for kittens or milk for new born cat . It is important that you go to a vet to get breast milk.

It is essential that nursing kittens do not give cow’s milk because baby kittens do not feel well, since they have problems digesting it and many have diarrhea that can sometimes be severe.

If this happens, you should consult a specialist, since if the diarrhea lasts for several days, the kittens can end up dying of dehydration. In the same way, it can also cause vomiting.

Surely the smallest bottle for cats that you can find in a veterinarian will be too big for the kitten to be so small.

Then it is better that you feed it with a 3 cubic centimeter syringe, removing the needle: you have to fill it with milk to the top and press the syringe little by little so that the feline drinks until it is satiated.

If the cat is less than 15 days old, you need to feed it every 3 hours, if it has 15 days to a month, every 4 hours, if it is between a month and a month and a half every 4 or 6 hours, then it is You can give the milk in a plate, and if it is more than 1 month and a half you can add solid food by mixing it with water or milk, as if it were a porridge.

If your feline is already weaned, it is necessary that you feed them with special food for puppies, because it contains all the nutrients and benefits that your pet needs to grow, it is important that you consult your veterinarian about the fact of mixing the food with milk or water .

It is important that the puppy cat food is of good quality.

How to feed a small cat

Baby cats grow very fast, for this reason the food for small cats will vary depending on the weeks or months of life of the animal. Let’s see it in detail:

How to feed a one month old cat

When your kitten is between 21 to 30 days old , you can gradually give it solid baby cat food.

The best thing you can do is mix the special milk for cats that you already know in a dish, with some puppy food, either dry or wet .

Thus, you will gradually get used to this type of food. This is the best food for one month old kittens.

How to feed a two month old cat

When the kittens are over a month old, they are already capable of licking from a bowl directly. That is when you should stop giving them the bottle, sometimes you can get this change to occur more quickly.

When this happens, you can start moistening the dry food so that the puppy gets used to its taste and thus, little by little you can stop mixing it with the milk.

How to feed a three month old cat

When it is two months old, it is the ideal time for you to give them feed or specific kibbles for puppies.

The kitten is growing, and it is recommended that this food for baby cats be of high quality and should not contain cereals. Thus, you will ensure that your feline has a healthy immune system and strong bones.

How to feed a baby kitten

Now you know what to feed a baby kitten, but it is also essential that you know the best way to feed them. You should try to imitate the posture that the kitten would adopt at mealtime if it were with its mother.

Wrongly, many people when feeding their kitten put it to bed as if it were a human baby, this can cause serious health problems for your kitten.

You should avoid feeding it in this position, because instead of swallowing, it can happen that the milk goes to the lungs, which can cause serious respiratory problems.

What you have to do is sit on some surface so that you are comfortable, and put the kitten lying on its belly on one of your legs while you feed it.

If you find a newborn kitten in the street , in addition to feeding it, you will have to teach it to urinate and defecate. They cannot do it alone.

Her mother is in charge of licking her genitals to stimulate them, but if she is not there, you will have to do it. Soak cotton wool in warm water and wipe it over its anus and genitalia.

You must perform this action, otherwise the cat puppy may die.

Before the slightest doubt, it is very important to visit your veterinarian to check the health of your cat. If you have any questions about the diet of a baby cat you should always ask a professional.

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