How long does a cat sleep per day?

We know that cats sleep a lot, a lot, a lot… It’s very simple, it looks like they spend their day sleeping! But exactly how many hours do they spend snoozing? 

Between 16 and 20 hours a day

Yes, it’s huge. A healthy adult cat can spend 16 hours napping, and up to 20 hours for an older cat or kitten. The rest of the time is dedicated to cuddling, washing, eating and playing (or hunting for those who have access to the outside). However, be aware that cats almost never achieve deep sleep. On the contrary, they are always alert, ready to wake up at the slightest noise.

But what use is all this sleep to them? Quite simply to save their strength between their hunting parties, which would also explain their exceptional longevity. By dint of doing nothing and spending two-thirds of their lives resting, they preserve their bodies from the ravages of time and can thus live for twenty years, or even longer for some.

Note that if your cat suddenly starts to sleep more than usual, or less than usual, it is probably a sign of illness. In this case, consult a veterinarian quickly. The more time you spend to determine what ailment your cat is suffering from, the less likely you are to see them recover…

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