International Cat Day When and where is it celebrated?

On February 20 is the international day of the cat and celebrated since 2009, but what more days of the cat there ?. We are going to tell you about all the cat days worldwide and why they are celebrated. Shall we start? It will be curious to you.

When is Cat Day celebrated worldwide?

Due to its fame and relevance, there are currently specific days worldwide, called “international cat day” to celebrate the existence of this great species of the animal kingdom, which every day attracts more cat lovers around the world and is part increasingly, from millions of homes.

There are several days of celebration of the day of the cat. Let’s see what days they are and what are the reasons why these dates were selected, especially in the calendar.

February 20 world cat day

Since 2009, International Cat Day has been celebrated because of a particular event that occurred in the White House, in the United States.

The history of the tribute that is made this day to the cats, is due to the death of the cat Socks, belonging to Chelsea Clinton . Daughter of former President Bill Clinton of the United States of America and Hilary Clinton.

From 1993 to 2009, this cat accompanied the Clinton family everywhere, including attending charities and other important events that the presidential family was supposed to attend. For this reason, her particular presence within the family caught the attention of many people and became so recognized. Socks the cat became so important to them that the former president declared on some occasions that this cute feline gave the family many joys until the day of his death.

Socks died of cancer of the thyroid and kidneys that he had for several months, which was deteriorating his health and his life in a short time. So much so, that in the end they decided not to subject him to more treatments that would affect his quality of life and to euthanize him on February 20, 2009 so that he would die with dignity.

Thanks to the emblematic image of this cute cat, the International Fund for Animal Welfare and other animal protection groups, decided to select this day as International Cat Day . With the intention of honouring not only cats, but also reminding human beings of the importance of caring for and protecting all animals. Also promote the importance of adopting and not buying our pets and the importance of vaccines and sterilization of them.

October 29 National Cat Day in the USA

13 years ago, the animalist and animal protector Colleen Paige, decided to name October 29 as the day of the cat in the United States of America. She made this decision because of the alarming number of cats abandoned on the streets and in shelters throughout this country. With the idea of ​​beginning to promote the importance of providing proper care to cats and adoption.

That is why every October 29 events are held, where the cat protection institutions are the main protagonists, promoting adoption.

August 8 international cat day

Every August 8th the International Cat Day is celebrated. Initiative that arose from the IFAW or International Fund for Animal Welfare. A global non-profit organization whose main objective is to rescue and protect animals around the world. This day was named Cat Day, with the same objective as the previous days mentioned, which has been to care for and protect the rights of animals.

February 17, is the International Cat Day in Europe

The day of the cat or “Festa del Gatto” in Italian, has been celebrated since 1990 in some countries of the European continent, more specifically in Italy. The idea of ​​celebrating Cat’s Day on this specific date comes from the journalist Claudia Angeletti, who wrote for the magazine “Tuttogatto”. In it he proposed a vote among the readers of the magazine, to choose the appropriate date to honor our feline friends .

In the end, the winning date turned out to be February 17 , based on some specific reasons from voters such as: That the month of February is the month of cats and witches, that also the zodiac sign of February is Aquarius, which is defined as a sign of free spirits such as cats. And to choose the 17th, voters believed that the number 17 was a symbol of bad luck, as cats have been defined, especially black ones. And as a curiosity to say that the date is related to the fact that 17 was 1 × 7 = 7 equal to 7 lives.

On this day, different types of activities are usually done to celebrate the lives of all the kittens in the world . Animal protection organizations and many  cat lovers get together that take the opportunity to pamper their feline friends with the foods, sweets and toys that they like the most.

March 1 Cat Day in Russia

March 1 was the date chosen to celebrate Cat Day in Russia. Well, in this country there is one of the highest rates of foster care that shows that 59% of Russian households house at least one cat. Which puts Russia at the top of the list of countries that love cats the most.

This is because for hundreds of years, cats have been a highly admired species even by royalty. In addition, the Hermitage museum in Russia is inhabited by more than 70 cats today.

So much is the love of Russians for cats, that they decided to have their own cat day to honor them as they deserve it and for this they chose March 1st.

As we have seen, there are many days defined as “International Cat Day” around the world. However, every year we have 365 days to pamper and pamper our best cat friends. So if you liked this post, tell us which international cat day draws your attention the most, and how you celebrate it at home.

At present, cats are the protagonists of countless areas, cinema, literature, fashions, trends and above all the internet, especially in social networks, which are the undisputed kings, with their own profiles and millions of followers from all over the world.

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