Why does your cat wake you up at the same time every day?

In addition to having busy days, your nights are short because of your cat waking you up at 6am, 7am or 8am every day? This is normal and we explain why!

1. It is very attached to his routine

The cat likes that its days are similar and that events unfold exactly the same way every day, sometimes even to the minute. Indeed, it is this routine of life that allows them to feel safe in their environment. If one of their habits changes, it may feel stressed or even totally anxious.

This is why your feline wakes you up at the same time every day. By observing you carefully since arriving at your home, it knows your schedule by heart. It therefore knows that you wake up at such an hour to leave for work, for example. And unfortunately for you, it doesn’t know the concept of a weekend …

2. It is hungry

For your cat, your alarm clock also means meal time. Which motivates them all the more to wake you up! Indeed, if you have got into the habit of feeding your hairball as soon as you get up, the latter can then be particularly insistent in waking you up.

In this case, in order to put an end to this particularly annoying ritual, make sure to always ignore your cat when it wakes you up. Do not give them food or petting so as not to reinforce this behavior. In addition, do not feed them as soon as you get up, take the time to prepare yourself and have breakfast before feeding them. Finally, remember to feed them before going to bed and leave them a small bowl of kibble for the night so that he can satisfy their hunger.

3. It knows when you wake up

It may sound surprising, but your cat knows when you’ve reached a light sleep phase, meaning you’re ready to wake up. Not that it has any superpowers, but it is attentive to your breathing, your heart rate and your activity, which change with each stage of your sleep.

4. It is most active at dawn

The cat is a crepuscular creature and not nocturnal as one might think. In this sense, it is most active before sunrise and after sunset. Indeed, their vision is more adapted to the light levels of these intermediate times of the day.

This allows it to be more efficient at hunting (and therefore playing) and socializing. In addition, in nature, its prey (especially mice) are also more active at dawn and dusk.

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