How much water should the cat drink each day?

Knowing how much water a cat must drink every day is essential to take care of its health: here’s how to act and what to do if the cat drinks too little.

Just like humans and all other animals, cats need to drink the right daily amount of water to stay hydrated and healthy: this is why, if you have adopted a cat, it is essential that you know how much water they need every day and what to do if you drink too much or, conversely, too little.

Let’s start by saying that the answer to the question “How much water should the cat drink every day?” it is not simple, nor immediate: this quantity can change depending on various factors, moreover cats are notoriously picky both for food and when it comes to drinking.

Knowing how much water your cat must drink is essential, as well as carefully observing the quantities of fluids consumed: excessive thirst or, on the contrary, the absence of thirst in cats is a symptom of dangerous diseases and health problems.

Daily doses of water for cats and how to regulate them

Compared to humans and even dogs, cats need to drink much less water: based on its body weight, a cat needs to drink an average of 50ml of water for each pound of body weight. This amount varies based on a few factors:

1. If the cat eats only wet food, it will need much less water because these foods already contain liquids that partially cover the daily daily dose that the animal needs.

2. If, on the other hand, the cat eats only dry food, ie consumes only kibble, he will need an extra amount of water to maintain proper hydration: make sure he always has a bowl of fresh water available.

3. Depending on their age, the cat needs to drink a different amount of water: in particular, kittens and senior cats drink more water than adult cats.

4. Finally, the daily water intake for a cat also varies according to the season of the year. In summer, when temperatures are warmer, the cat must certainly drink more than in winter because it suffers from the heat and must protect itself from the risk of dehydration.

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