Havana Brown Cat care: from grooming to breed hygiene

The care of the Havana Brown, everything related to the beauty secrets of this breed, from hygiene to daily grooming.

The Havana Brown is an extraordinary looking cat, thanks to its enchanting green eyes and brown colored coat that make it unique.

Its origins start from the brown Siamese which was later crossed with the Chocolate Points.

Until then to give rise to what today we call Havana Brown, a cat with spectacular characteristics.

In fact, what is most striking about this breed are the green eyes and the smooth, shiny coat , with a particular chocolate color.

Havana Brown Care: Grooming and Hygiene

The Havana Brown is a cat that can hardly be confused, once you have crossed his gaze you do not forget it but it is not the only characteristic for which he lets himself be noticed.

In this article we are going to describe the care of the Havana Brown, all that is necessary to provide for its grooming and hygiene.

The Havana Brown is a medium-sized cat, reaching a weight of between 2.5 and 4.5 kilograms. Equipped with a well-proportioned body and a short hair, soft and silky to the touch.

The only coat color allowed for the Havana Brown cat is brown, although the shade of its coat can vary slightly with chestnut and hazel shades.

Cats are generally very clean animals and spend many hours licking their bodies with the help of their coarse, cat-like tongue.

Despite this, they do not always manage to clean all parts of the body independently. This is why the owner will carry out a more adequate cleaning, in this case, of his own Havana Brown cat.

It must be said that thanks to his short coat, one brush a week can be enough to keep him healthy and make him appear shiny.

When a shiny coat is observed in the cat, it is also due to a correct diet of the cat. Regarding this, the veterinarian will be able to advise you on suitable food and any supplements.

If you want to know more about the Havana Brown diet, in this article you will find a complete in-depth study.

It is also important to use grooming products suitable for his delicate skin, such as shampoo and especially conditioner purely for short-haired cats.

Getting your cat used to bathing from an early age is a smart move as the Havana does not become one of the water-loving cat breeds.

Avoid that bath products can come into contact with eyes, ears and genitals, use water that is not too hot and finish with proper drying.

Hygiene and cleanliness of Havana Brown

Since Havana Brown care also includes eyes, ears and nails, it is vital to know what to do to make sure they are clean and not neglected.

The use of some accessories and products for the care of Havana Brown are necessary to ensure the hygiene of parts of the cat’s body, which are rather delicate:

  • cat’s eyes : cleaning the green and almond-shaped eyes of Havana is of great help in the prevention of both annoying infections such as conjunctivitis and blepharitis in cats;
  • ears : the ears of the Havana Brown, large and pointed outwards, must be cleaned and checked periodically to avoid the accumulation of secretions and the development of infections and skin disorders;
  • nails : the nails of the cat, all cats must be shortened to prevent pain and infections caused by the growth of the same inwards, by contacting a specialist or veterinarian;
  • mouth : oral hygiene is essential as the Havana Brown, like all cats, suffers from diseases of the oral cavity. The use of sanitizing creams, toothpaste for cats and  toothbrushes, easily available in specialized stores, can be a valid preventive tool.

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