American Wirehair Cat care: breed hygiene and grooming tips

How to take care of the American Wirehair? Let’s see how to best take care of the beauty and health of this feline breed.

The Coarse American is a very peculiar looking cat. Precisely because of its unique characteristics, however, it has specific needs in terms of hygiene and cleanliness. Taking care of the American Wirehair not only ensures that the cat always appears magnetic and irresistible, but also serene and in full health: here’s what to do.

Hair care of the American Wirehair

The care of the American Wirehair inevitably involves cleaning its coat.

The fur of this cat is the main feature that makes it so special and easily recognizable. In fact, the coat of the specimens of this breed has a bristly and rough texture, and sometimes appears curled.

What does the American Wirehair owe such a peculiar coat to? This is a completely natural dominant genetic mutation. Given the delicacy of its coat, it is absolutely not recommended to brush this cat too frequently.

The risk, in fact, is to stress its coat, damaging it, breaking the hair, but also causing the onset of skin lesions.

Diet plays a major role in the coat health of the Coarse American. In fact, it is important to provide this cat with healthy, nutritious and balanced meals, so that its coat is shiny and healthy.

Wash the cat yes or no? In this case, the answer is absolutely yes. The skin of the specimens of this breed, in fact, is very sensitive and oily. For this, it is essential to periodically remove dirt and secretions through the bath.

The ideal frequency is once a month. During this operation, the use of mild cleansers, specially formulated for American Wirehair, is strongly recommended.

If this were not the case, in fact, the cat would risk developing skin disorders, such as dermatitis or feline acne.

Hygiene and cleanliness of the rough-haired American

Finally, let’s see how to take care of the nails, eyes, ears and teeth of our American Wirehair.

Since the American coarse-haired cat is a very active and dedicated to movement, the cutting of the nails is not strictly necessary. The cat will file them by itself, using scratching posts, trees and so on.

Important is the periodic inspection of the feline’s ears. Although he is not predisposed to excessive earwax secretion, it is recommended to check him regularly to avoid any skin problems and infections.

The cat’s eyes should only be cleaned if they have encrustations or accumulations of ocular secretion. To do this, just use a slightly moistened sterile gauze.

Finally, the hygiene of the cat’s teeth is fundamental. To avoid the accumulation of tartar and the onset of diseases such as stomatitis or gingivitis, the best advice is to take care of the American Wirehair oral cavity daily.

How to do? You can use toothpaste and toothbrush specially made for the cat, or creams to spread on the animal’s teeth, specifically formulated for its hygiene.

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