Nutrition of Havana Brown Cat: quantity, frequency of meals and foods

Nutrition of the Havana Brown, how to keep this elegant breed of cat in shape with adequate nutrition.

In today’s article we will go to see specifically, the feeding of the Havana Brown, the frequency of meals and the quantities necessary for the daily requirement of this cat breed.

It is an extremely greedy cat to which to pay close attention, in particular to the quality of the food and the doses that are administered.

So let’s see the diet of the Havana Brown in what it consists of and how to satisfy this cat without exceeding.

What to feed Havana Brown

Learning the habits and needs of an animal before adopting it is an act of responsibility and love towards it.

Finding out about which foods Havana Brown can benefit from is important for your health, as is establishing the frequency and doses needed to meet your needs.

Each cat breed has different characteristics and consequently different needs.

Considering the feeding of these animals the same for everyone, both in terms of food and quantity, is a big mistake.

In addition to the breed, there are some parameters that allow you to establish the right diet for your cat. These are the following factors:

  • lifestyle (lazy / athletic);
  • health conditions of the cat;
  • age (young / old);
  • gender (male / female).

Starting from the assumption that at the base of every cat’s diet there are proteins of animal origin and partly also vegetable proteins, then carbohydrates and fats follow.

What this breed needs is raw meat. This food contains all the substances that the cat needs, in particular taurine.

Through this type of diet it is possible to find both physical and psychological benefits.

They can also be noted in the quality of the cat’s feces in the shine of the fur and in the teeth, less affected by tartar than other types of food,

Generally all of this is lumped into dry cat food, which is easily found in pet-specific stores. It contains a complete and above all balanced meal.

You can hardly go wrong as it is sold by cat size and age range. This does not mean that feeding your Havana Brown yourself is wrong.

Fresh and quality food, prepared at home, still achieves excellent results. It is important that fundamental nutritional values ​​are present in recipes for cats .

Since nutrient deficiency greatly affects the healthy development of the joints, on the other hand overeating could lead to overweight in the cat.

The nutritional values ​​are:

  • proteins: basic as they are useful for the formation and maintenance of muscles, other tissues, blood but also for the regeneration and conservation of body cells and tissues.
  • fats: they are a source of necessary energy and are mainly responsible for the transport of substances in the body as well as for the support and development of the joints and the nervous system;
  • carbohydrates: they are an immediate source of energy to face a sudden effort such as a run, a chase, an escape, a sudden stress etc.
  • minerals: they are essential for the development and maintenance of tissues;
  • vitamins: they are useful for keeping the immune system strong and healthy. However, it is necessary, however, to make an appropriate use, perhaps by contacting the veterinarian.

These values ​​can be found in specific food products such as:

  • chicken, turkey, beef;
  • fish (salmon, tuna, trout, mackerel);
  • offal (liver, lungs, heart, stomach, etc.);
  • probiotics;
  • fresh fruit and vegetables;
  • vitamin and mineral supplements (including fatty acids that have a beneficial effect on the skin).

Therefore, these are all very valid and nutritious foods, with which it will be possible to prepare wonderful and tasty recipes for cats.

Nutrition of Havana Brown: doses and frequency of meals

As we previously mentioned, the Havana Brown is a very greedy cat and is unstoppable in front of its bowl.

Precisely because he is so greedy, it is necessary not to fall into the trap. Havana Brown will try to grab more food once its meal is complete.

The way to get it is very simple because this cat can be persistent and sweet at the same time. It is important for his health that he does not give in to her tender eyes.

The Havana Brown is an agile and agile cat, curious and lively. Its weight, if in good health and normal conditions, varies from 2.5 kg to 4.5 kg.

Therefore it is necessary to check that it does not exceed its weight by much, obviously the half kilo is allowed.

This breed is predisposed to obesity, a real pathology that can lead to serious complications for its health.

It therefore requires different doses and frequency of meals from other breeds.

The suggestions from the experts, regarding the doses and frequency of meals, say that we generally prefer two meals that fall within the time slot of our lunch and dinner.

As for the quantities, they can vary from cat to cat, based on its daily habits and how much movement it makes during the day.

However, it is necessary to keep in mind, as we mentioned before, also the size of the cat, based on this regulation. Because it could be too much or too little and not fully satisfy the cat.

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