This is why you should wash your cat’s bowls every day

It’s a habit you picked up from day one with your cat: you very rarely wash their water and food bowls. Most often, when there are food remains stuck to the bottom of the container, you simply rinse it with cold water while telling yourself that it is more than enough. Well, be aware that by doing … Read more

Cooking for your cat: our ultra-easy homemade recipe ideas!

More and more cat owners prefer to abandon industrial food in favor of a healthier homemade diet. Not only is it an economical and ecological initiative, but it is also better for the health of our feline friends. But cooking for your cat does not mean giving it anything! Each of their meals must contain 80% meat (and/or … Read more

Here’s Why You Should Give Your Cat Brewer’s Yeast

Brewer’s yeast is an entirely natural product recognized for its many therapeutic virtues. Composed of dehydrated microscopic mushrooms that are completely harmless to your cat, it is recommended to keep animals (and humans!) healthy. Discover the benefits it can have on your feline friend as well as the recommended dosage for them! The benefits of brewer’s … Read more

Here’s how to improve your cat’s digestion!

Does your cat tend to have a difficult digestion? If this is not a health problem, here are some tips to improve your digestive health! 1. Give them probiotics Your cat’s digestive system, just like yours, has both good and bad bacteria. The balance must be perfect so that digestion goes well. On the other hand, if the bad … Read more

Giving ice cream to your cat: is it a good idea?

The nutritional needs of kittens are different from those of adult cats. And for good reason, they are still growing! It is for this reason that kittens must benefit from a diet specially designed to promote their development. But at what age should you switch to adult cat food? We tell you everything in this article! The difference between … Read more

Eating disorders in cats: here are the most common!

Just like humans, cats can suffer from eating disorders. In this case, it is necessary to immediately identify the source of the problem and react quickly. And for good reason, eating disorders can have serious consequences on the health of our feline friends, and even be fatal to them! 1. Bulimia The cat is an opportunistic animal. In fact, … Read more

Giving spirulina to your cat: good or bad idea?

Spirulina is a dietary supplement that is on the rise. Indeed, its natural benefits for the body are no longer to be proven. It acts on immunity, tone and it contains many antioxidants, enough to bring an overflowing vitality. These effects are known for humans, but what about cats? Giving them spirulina as a food supplement, good or bad … Read more

My cat no longer eats: what can I do to encourage him to eat?

No matter how hard you work every day to put the best things in the bowl for them, for a few days now the gentleman has been choosy and eats less – or even almost more. And logically, this behavior worries you. How to explain it, and what are the tricks to put in place to whet … Read more

10 tips for Feeding your cat: what to do and what to avoid

Among the many things we do every day to ensure the comfort of our animals, feeding them is undoubtedly the most basic. But it is also one of the most important when you know how much food can influence health and therefore well-being… So you might as well adopt the right reflexes in this area!  Steps … Read more

4 inexpensive human foods that you can share with your cat

Not so long ago, when pet food was not such a profitable industry, owners of cats or dogs simply shared what they ate with their four-legged friends. Cats being carnivores, the rule was therefore to give them meat regularly in order to ensure that they had the healthiest possible diet.  Today, however, the question arises for … Read more