Cat runs away after pooping: the explanation for this weird feline behavior

If the cat runs away after the poop, moving away from the litter box as if mad, there is a reason: we explain yet another weird behavior of domestic cats.

Adopting a cat is a wonderful and fascinating experience, especially since domestic cats often engage in behaviors that appear nothing short of weird to human eyes and it is fun and very interesting to discover the reasons behind them.

For example, anyone who has a cat knows very well that when a cat poops it can seem practically crazy: it is not uncommon for the cat to literally splash out of the litter box after a bowel movement, running away and away from it with surprising speed.

But why does the cat run away after pooping? The explanation is there and it is really unexpected.

Feline Oddities: This is why the cat runs away after poop

Some “legends” are often filmed on the feline behavior of the apparently insane escape after evacuating: in reality, there would be a purely scientific explanation behind it, most likely based on the instincts that these animals retain since they were still wild cats, not domesticated by man.

In fact, it would seem that this somewhat crazy habit derives from the fact that the cat is indeed a predator, accustomed to hunting birds, rodents and small animals , but at the same time it is also a potential prey for animals larger than itself: since in nature the the smell of the feces could attract predators, the cat would tend to flee as soon as he finished pooping just to save himself from dangerous attacks by animals that try to hunt him.

According to experts, in fact, the habit of covering the needs with the litter of the litter was acquired by domestic cats, while it is not widespread in cats living in the wild: in nature, feces represent a way to mark the territory and therefore they are left uncovered by the cat to signal its dominion over the colony of feral cats.

Health reasons for cat escaping from the litter box

If the cat uses the litter box and then runs like a madman around the house, running away after pooping, it is therefore a legacy of his primoridial instincts. But apparently, there are also reasons closely related to the cat’s health and well-being that would lead the cat to run away after pooping.

According to experts, in fact, cats flee after using the litter box because they feel uncomfortable after pooping or peeing: a discomfort that depends, in most cases, on a medical problem such as infections of the urinary tract in cats or problems with inflammation of the colon or rectum. In some cases, cats experience discomfort due to constipation problems.

This is why it is essential to exclude, with the help of the veterinarian, any medical reasons behind the cat’s strange habit of running away after pooping: the problems due to urinary tract infections, in fact, can have serious consequences that go far beyond less invasive ailments, such as cat cystitis.

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