Why is my cat weird after I return from vacation?

Every time you come home from vacation, it’s the same thing, you feel like your cat doesn’t recognize you. Instead of throwing themselves into your arms and purring, as you would expect, it is distant, suspicious, even aggressive. Worse, it begins to adopt inappropriate behaviour: dirty, scratching … It’s as if everything you shared together never existed. And that all the bonds that you had forged had been loosened. How to explain it? Is it because he resents you for having “abandoned” it? 

The cat, a creature of habit

Rest assured, if your beloved furball rejects you when you get home, it’s perfectly normal. And it has nothing to do with it sulking you. Indeed, our feline friends are creatures of habit. In this sense, they need a perfectly calibrated life routine to feel fulfilled and secure. This means eating and waking up at the same time every day, seeing their human come home from work at the same time of day, etc.

However, if their little habits are changed, especially when going on vacation, they find themselves very disturbed. And for good reason, they are particularly sensitive to change!

They must then adapt to a new life, adopt new habits, which requires great effort from them. So when their human comes home, it’s yet another change in no time. And that has the gift of confusing them.

Also note that some cats can suffer from separation anxiety, which can stress them enormously. Yes, contrary to what one might think, dogs are not the only ones to suffer the absence of their owner. Cats also form deep bonds with their humans!

To reassure your furball, consider leaving it before leaving a garment impregnated with your scent in its favourite bed.

How to reconnect with your cat

When you return home, do not pounce on your cat, you might frighten her. Not that it doesn’t remember you ( cats have a good memory ), but you are no longer part of its normal routine. Plus, the new smells you bring back from your trip may prevent her from recognizing you immediately. It therefore needs time to adapt to this new situation.

Prefer to gradually renew the links that united you before. To do this, let your cat come to you. It will probably try to sniff you and your luggage. Once it gets used to your new scent, its likely to be more affectionate.

And don’t hesitate to speed up the process by offering treats to your cat or playing with it to make it more comfortable!

Also, be sure to unpack your things as smoothly as possible. This will prevent stressing your feline with all the fuss. And regularly, stop to give him your full attention, it might help to reassure them.

Some precautions to take for the next departure …

In order to prevent your cat from experiencing your absence and return again, you will need to take some precautions before your next vacation:

  • Take out your suitcases several days before. This will allow your cat to get used to their presence without associating them with your departure.
  • Call the person who will take care of your cat several times. The goal is for your feline to become familiar with it but also to show it the daily routine to adopt.
  • Plan to wear the same clothes when you leave and when you return so that your hairball can more easily recognize your scent.
  • Leave an item of clothing imbued with your scent in your cat’s bed.

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