This is why your cat goes crazy after pooping

If you are the proud owner of a cat, you may have already witnessed a strange scene: after pooping, your feline is literally mad and runs away from its litter box. At top speed, ears lowered back, as if being chased. Sometimes it even happens to leave so quickly that it has not quite finished “their business”. We know that cats can sometimes adopt bizarre  and inexplicable behavior. But this is beyond comprehension. What can cause your cat to run away after doing its business? Response elements. 

1. He obeys his survival instinct

In reality, there is not one but several reasons that can explain such behavior in your cat. Indeed, many theories abound on the subject. The first supposes that this reflex to leave the litter as far as possible is due to a survival instinct deeply rooted in our feline friends. Indeed, in the wild, the cat quickly moved away from the place where it had relieved itself so that predators could not, because of the smell, go up to it.

This is also why some cats cover their droppings. This allows them to hide the smell (the latter being particularly strong, as you have certainly been able to realize…). After covering them, they then scoot away like rockets in order to get away from any potential threat.

2. He is happy

Another theory states that if your cat goes crazy after pooping, it’s simply because it feels happy. Indeed, not only does it feel relieved but in addition, just like in humans, the fact of defecating stimulates a particular nerve in our feline friends.

However, this nerve can lead your cat to feel a feeling of intense joy, even elation. Your furball then goes into a euphoric state that pushes him to run around for a few seconds, as if it were doing a “victory lap”.

3. He is sick

Another hypothesis advocated by some scientists and veterinarians is that a cat going crazy after being in the litter box is actually a sign of a health problem. Thus, if your cat feels discomfort when urinating or defecating, especially because of a urinary tract infection or inflammation of the colon, for example, it will start running as far as possible in order to try to get rid of it. It wants to get away from the problem as soon as possible.

4. He can’t stand her smell

Some say that such an overreaction in cats is actually because they can’t stand the smell of their own feces. This would be more particularly the case of kittens.

5. He wants to get rid of leftovers

Finally, a final theory is that your cat is running like mad after its needs to get rid of the remains of excrement that it has not managed to get out.

As you will have understood, the exact reason that pushes our friends the cats to adopt such behavior is still very mysterious, even if with all these theories we can still begin to get an idea on the subject!

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