How to prevent your cat from running away?

The cat is a type of animal that is characterized by its taste for independence, freedom and loneliness. Cat likes to walk everywhere for different reasons, to go back and forth on a territory that cat itself has determined. But it’s difficult to lock it in a small space. At some point, especially during the heat, your feline ventures outside its usual area. He may also be absent for a few days for other reasons. Despite everything, running away is not pathological. However, it is necessary to know how to react after such a situation to prevent the problem.

What causes cats to run away?

Many reasons can cause your kitty to make recurring escapades and disappear from time to time, at the risk of sometimes becoming worrying. To be able to avoid these situations, you must first understand his behavior.

The desire to reproduce

The most common reason for a cat to run away is related to its reproductive instincts and the presence of one or more females in heat around it. This situation is inevitable provided that your little companion is not neutered. Males aren’t the only ones affected. Cats in heat also escape to mate. At the end of their gestation, they hide for a few days to give birth.

Expand your hunting area

A cat is very attached to the territory that it has delimited itself. Even if it feeds well, this animal remains a predator, which is constantly ready to go hunting. Sometimes your feline feels the need to widen this perimeter to disappear. It is in its nature to go in search of new prey to serve it small meals.


This circumstance is still linked to the territorial instinct of your companion. In fact, running away is very common after a change of residence, which at the same time encourages cats to settle in a new place. It is not uncommon for your pet to want to go back to basics for different reasons, such as the presence of another feline in this new territory. This situation is the most distressing since it risks getting lost in their new environment, where it is still unfamiliar. It is sometimes very hard to acclimatize to the new home.

The double residence

Of course, you spoil your pet, but there is no shortage of overly generous neighbors. Someone regularly feeds him at the edge of their window, cuddles them or caresses them from time to time, a bit like their second family. Over time, your kitty will get used to it.

How to prevent a cat from running away?

Your cat is not aware of the danger of this adventure, but you understand it very well. He risks being run over by a vehicle, being robbed or catching diseases. Different methods are available to allow your kitty to escape as little as possible or to walk around safely.

Sterilize the cat

This option allows you to limit your cat’s irresistible urge to join their partner, but also their desire to fight. It is more favorable from 6 or 8 months. Sterilized, your little feline remains more of a homebody. As such, you no longer need to double-lock it in your house.

A few precautions when moving

When you move, it is better to help the animal to acclimatize to its new home by keeping its landmarks as much as possible such as its litter box, its bowl, its toys, etc. It will be even better if it has a cat tree or furniture on which it used to play. In case your kitty exhibits unusual behavior, do not hesitate to regularly diffuse soothing pheromones in certain strategic places.

Delimit the territory dedicated to your cat

From the youngest of the cat, it is better to install an anti-fugue fence to prevent it from crossing the limits. Different models are possible such as the electronic hedge, working with an antenna wire and an electronic collar. This buried wire emits waves that the collar captures and beeps when the animal approaches the boundary.

Other additional means

When you own a cat, identification is one of the preferred means of security. By electronic chip or tattoo, it makes it easy to find your pet in the event of a runaway. Speaking of identification, a personalized cat collar or medal is also necessary to mark its name and your contact details, including the telephone number. The market abounds in adjustable, customizable, anti-fugue and also anti-strangulation models to protect your dear predators from external dangers. It is a very practical accessory so that anyone can contact you immediately when they see your cat wandering in the street or anywhere. The animal will be returned home safe and sound. In addition, the more design and chic products give it a super nice look.

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