5 signs your cat needs companionship

It is not uncommon to consider adopting a second cat to prevent our cat from getting too bored at home. If this decision is seriously questioned in the face of the bellicose nature of some with their peers, it turns out that the signs are not always so clear. But they do exist. So how do you know if your cat is looking for social contact with his peers? 

1.  It’s a real pot of glue

It meows constantly, does not even let you go to the bathroom alone, follows you like your shadow … No need to procrastinate for long: your cat is dependent on you. Why ? Perhaps because it does not have enough to take care of on its own … Whether you choose to adopt a new cat or not to accompany them on a daily basis, everything should be done to avoid reaching the end of the line. separation anxiety

2. It eats too much or not enough

Like humans, some cats may tend to compensate for boredom with food. Eating becomes an occupation like any other to pass the time and overcome boredom. In addition to the health risks – obesity is the most common disease in cats – it is also the morale that can be affected in the long term. Your cat needs stimulation to stop taking revenge on food.

3. Its sleep is disturbed

If you notice a change in your cat’s sleep patterns, it is best to pay attention. Once all the risks of disease have been ruled out, it can indeed be a simple lack of activities that makes the cat lethargic and little motivated to move. Loneliness can indeed push him to stay in his basket.

4. It is very (even too) calm 

In a cat, the lack of enthusiasm and motivation clearly betrays a lack of interaction. And before it gets worse and turns into anxiety or depression, there is a need to react. Already to stimulate them by taking the time to play with them, and why not by choosing to bring a new presence to the house?

5. It destroys everything 

On the contrary, a bored cat can also have bouts of hyperactivity, during which it lets off steam on everything that passes under its claws: sofa, upholstery, carpet, etc. If your home becomes a giant scraper and vent, it’s probably because your cat is in need of stimulation. And if that comes when it has plenty of toys and you take the time to play with them, maybe it’s time to consider adopting another furball.


In any case, we must never forget that the adoption of an animal – whatever it is – must be the result of responsible and enlightened reflection. All the more so when you already have one. Animals cannot always get along with each other, and in all cases it will be necessary to try to calm the situation and do it according to their respective characters, abandonment is NEVER a possible solution.

On the other hand, and if you choose to adopt a new cat, the presentation between two felines does not happen haphazardly. It is indeed necessary to follow very specific steps to allow the two animals to tame as well as possible and to get used to each other very gently.

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