8 reasons why your dog needs to swim

Swimming is also good for dogs, not just humans.  Especially in summer, if you live near the sea or if you have a swimming pool, you need to take advantage of it and make sure your dog swims. If it’s his first dive, you need to teach him some basic tricks. In this article we will talk about the  benefits of swimming for the dog and the preliminary lessons for a perfect swim .

Safety is everything

A dog that knows how to swim, it is a safe animal itself and that will cope with any difficulties. It is best to teach him to swim from a young age: he will learn quickly and more easily.

Remember that water does not like all dogs and above all that, despite you put your effort into it, not all animals can learn to swim. For example, bulldog dogs are structurally unsuitable for swimming and, when they try, they can’t stay afloat . For this reason, if you have a dog of this breed, it is better that you use a life jacket to avoid unpleasant accidents.

Helps to lose weight

How many times have you heard of canine obesity or overweight dogs? To avoid these health problems, in addition to daily walks, you can take your dog for a swim from time to time . It’s a cure-all!

In order for your dog to get used to the water, it is best to stay with him . You must never leave him alone. The first swimming lessons are the most fun. If you have a swimming pool, it is better that you gradually enter the water together. You will see that the dog will become familiar with the water quickly and will dive without fear.

By the way, if he doesn’t want to get into the water, don’t push him or splash him ! If you notice that it bothers him, you don’t have to insist. Arm yourself with patience… you will try another day.

Improve your dog’s joint health

Swimming is one of the most complete and least traumatic sports.  Swimming will not only make your dog lose weight, it will also improve joint health.

Improve your dog’s movements

Without a doubt, swimming is a complete exercise that improves your pet’s movements. When the puppies start with their first swimming lessons, you will see that at first they will be a little awkward . This is due to the fact that their body is in a developmental moment. Muscles, joints and bones will only come to a certain maturity and balance with age . In this sense, the movements that dogs make in the water benefit health and motor coordination .

Guarantees a complete workout

If you are looking for exercise that will help your dog grow strong, healthy, safe and happy, then swimming is for you.

Promotes the rehabilitation of injuries

If your dog has been in an accident or injured in any way,  your vet will surely advise you to start swimming. The improvements are noticeable immediately, obviously the healing times depend on the type of injury.

Fun guaranteed

If you want to have fun, try it with water. A swimming pool, the beach or a lake are the perfect spaces to spend happy moments with your dog . If you want to be careful, you can have the dog wear a life jacket to avoid any problems.

Start little by little. The animal must become familiar with the water. Teach him to swim in a place where the water temperature is not uncomfortable . Don’t do this in cold climates.

In the water, always walk next to your dog.  You can also bring a snack or toy with you to encourage him to swim alone. You can throw items at him in the water, and order him to bring them back to you.

Improve socialization

Swimming with your friend is a special moment: it improves your relationship, increases the trust that the dog has in you and you will be in perfect harmony. Not only that, swimming also helps your dog not to suffer from an excess of unreleased energy . What are you waiting for? Try it!

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