5 Fun Games you can play with your Cat

Games with cats reinforce the animal’s self-esteem and improve our relationship with them, while reducing boredom and behaviour problems

The games cats are more important than it might seem. Not only do they prevent boredom, but they also reduce the risk of overweight in house cats. According to the Association for the Prevention of Obesity in Pets , six out of ten suffer from it. In addition, these games help to keep the cat’s mind active and reduce behaviour problems, often motivated by simple boredom. Below you will find a simple and fun manual to play with your cat in five steps : share hunting games, jump for the bug flying, learn to think like a mouse, repeat the sessions in the morning and at night and, above all, reserve intimate time to play with your cat .

Games for cats (and humans), more than fun

Humans tend to underestimate the importance of playing with our cats. Some simple questions allow us to reflect on the time, and the quality of it, that we dedicate to this fun activity, but also sometimes forgotten.

Do you play with your cat or do you want them to have fun alone? Do you know that playing with your cat is essential to maintaining the feline’s mental health ? Are you aware that games with the cat strengthen the bonds with your furry friend and reinforce your friendship relationship ?

Games for cats are almost therapy for felines , an essential daily activity for the physical and mental well-being of the feline living at home.

Playing with a cat puppy is usually simple: the little ones always seem ready to invent new hunting ideas, chase laces or get excited about a ball rolling around the room. But what about adult cats? Did you know that many of the behavior problems in felines are caused by the boredom of their furry companion?

Here’s a five-step guide to playing with your cat and having a lot of fun trying!

1. Games for cats: On the hunt!

A wild cat can hunt between 10 and 20 small prey a day.

For a domestic cat, playtime is the closest thing to hunting. Becoming a good hunter means being fast, smart and not being afraid of the environment. Therefore, it is not strange to understand why capturing games reinforce the self-esteem of our furry companions in life and make cats live happier.

Toy mice for cats and balls will help us to promote this hunting habit in our domestic felines. It is also convenient to clear an area of ​​the room so that the cat can run at ease and exercise.

2. Games for cats: Go for the flying bug!

Is your cat a ground hunter or does it prefer to chase aerial toys? Not all felines are the same and, consequently, their play preferences are also different. Being able to answer this simple question will guarantee us to take better advantage of the play sessions with the cats.

Cats that are aerial hunters usually enjoy very much with simple dolls hanging from ropes or rubber bands and sticks, which pretend to be a fishing rod. If the doll also has feathers, success will be almost guaranteed.

As in the rest of the games with cats, it is important to remember the following: let the feline regularly catch the doll. This will make the game more challenging for him and will boost his self-esteem. You also have to allow them to take its time to come up with the hunting strategy. And, to play!

3. I am a mouse, catch me!

If your cat is a ground hunter, our challenge will be to think like a mouse or other possible prey. We can imagine what sounds it makes in nature and reproduce them with simple finger taps or scratches.

A prey would not wait in the middle of the room: it would choose to hide under a chair or behind the door of a room.

Think about how to transform yourself into a mouse, how you would act. With these simple guidelines, you can greatly improve your play with your cat. And spend long hours of fun together with your furry life partner!

4. Playing is fun … repeat?

Most cats don’t go out for walks the way dogs do. That is why it is so important to reserve play time with them and introduce it into our daily routine.

Experts recommend playing with cats for at least 30 minutes a day. The game sessions can be divided throughout the day. Why don’t we spend 10 or 15 fun minutes each morning with our furry companion before we go to work?

The games will be a nice way to say goodbye to the feline and let them rest in our absence. We can repeat them before sleeping. The cats soon learn our routines … and they will soon come to meet us at the same time to share those play sessions with their human!

5. This game is only a matter of two

When we share our life with more than one cat, it is difficult for one of them not to try to dominate the activity, leaving the others out. That is why spending individual playtime with each cat is important.

Then we can all play together. With practice and a desire to learn, we will soon discover how to enjoy a wonderful, fun and very comforting game session with our furry friends … in full!

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