Games to play in the pool with the dog

Discover these fun games to play in the pool with your dog and have fun like crazy with your four-legged friend!

During the summer you can have fun in the pool with pleasant activities for both the owner and the dog, while also training the body.

The games to play in the pool can be a great idea to enjoy the summer together with your four-legged friend.

In this article , we therefore propose some refreshing and fun water activities to do in the pool with the dog , to spend time together during the hot summer days.

3 games to play in the pool with your dog

I swim

Swimming is a complete and not too demanding exercise , capable of generating benefits for people and dogs of all ages. Remember to adjust the intensity and style of swimming to the physical condition and state of health of each individual.

If your dog likes to spend time in the water, swimming can be the perfect physical activity to maintain an ideal weight; the search for a healthy weight through swimming can serve both the dog and the owner.

Another of the games to play in the pool with your dog is an aquatic competition. Once you have taken the appropriate safety measures, your dog will surely enjoy swimming in the company of all his loved ones. Be careful though, an adult should always be vigilant about these activities to prevent any possible accident.

It is also worth remembering that there are dog breeds that can have difficulties in practicing water sports or playing in the pool. For brachycephalic dogs, for example, swimming becomes very complicated due to their physical constitution. Their muzzle is very flattened, which makes it difficult for them to breathe and decreases their lung capacity.

Dog diving

Nowadays there are many dogs that practice water sports and are even able to dive , both in open and closed waters. If your dog already knows how to swim or likes to play games in the pool, diving can be an excellent idea for him to have fun.

To train a dog for diving, you need to have a medium to large pool deep enough for him to dive. The tank must be deep enough for the dog to dive headlong and immerse his entire body.

A further advice on the water level in the pool is that the animal can, in its maximum extension, touch the bottom of the pool , or that it can give itself the necessary thrust for the ascent.

Finally, the most important thing: remember that diving is a totally new experience for your dog. It is therefore important to respect his adaptation times and stimulate learning by making use of positive reinforcement.

Playing with the ball in the water

The classic ball game can be perfectly adapted to the aquatic environment. Also, teaching your dog to jump into the water to catch the ball and bring it back is the first step in diving training . We can therefore take advantage of this playful activity to start preparing the dog for diving.

To put into practice one of the most famous games to play in the pool with our dog, we can use his favorite toy . It does not necessarily have to be a ball, but it is essential that the object in question floats, is resistant and attractive. In pet shops we will be able to find a huge variety of aquatic toys for dogs.

To start, let’s sit next to our dog and show him the toy; afterwards, let’s shake it to get his attention and entice him to take it. We then throw the object into the water and encourage the dog to dive to retrieve it and bring it back.

Each time the animal completes the task we will have to reward it with a candy, a caress or a praise. Positive reinforcement is always effective in achieving the required activity.

Precautions to be followed when playing in the pool with the dog

Before starting pool games with your dog, there are a number of precautions to take into account:

  1. Check the chlorine level in the water and do not let your dog in if you have just added chlorine.
  2. Sprinkle your dog with sunscreen all over his body to protect him from solar radiation.
  3. Use toys for specifically canine use , resistant and of adequate size for the size and age of the animal.
  4. Put the collar on your dog before letting him enter the water, never leaving him alone for the duration of his activity.
  5. Check that the dog has an up-to- date health record , with all vaccinations done.
  6. Protect it with both an internal and external pesticide when summer arrives.
  7. Wash your dog with clean water , once aquatic activity is completed, to clean him of chlorine.
  8. Dry it carefully to prevent moisture from affecting your skin and hair.

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