How long do you have to play with your cat?

Felines need at least 30 minutes of play every day, as this activity stimulates their natural behavior and reduces overweight and problems such as anxiety or depression.

Playing with cats is not only fun and stimulating, it is also very important for felines. But how long do you have to play with them per day? The experts explain in this article why cats that live at home need 30 minutes of daily play with their humans . Some reasons? Those who do not play develop behaviour problems and even depression. Also below are ten tricks to play with the feline, in addition to the most frequent mistakes when having to encourage him to play.

How long do you have to play with the cats?

Playing with the cat is fun, but games are also essential for its well-being. We are not usually aware of the importance that games with the feline have for their physical and emotional health.

Cats need 30 minutes of daily play to live stimulated and happy and reduce the risk of being overweight

Half an hour of play with the overweight feline is essential to make it lose the kilos it needs.

Play involves physical activity for the furry tenant of the house, such as running, chasing, and jumping behind their toys. Relaxation also improves your circulation and gives you healthy muscle tone .

Games for cats, less behaviour problems

Playing time with the cat also strengthens the emotional ties you have with it. Plus, it reduces many of your potential behavior problems . A bored animal can suffer from anxiety, hyperactivity, depression and even be aggressive at times when the boredom is extreme.

A bored cat may scratch the furniture or bite its owner’s ankles in order to facilitate interaction with him.

Play should therefore not be reduced to puppyhood. A kitten is full of curiosity, and its desire to explore the territory seems to be enough to fill hours of fun and knowledge through play, even alone.

But an adult feline is generally lazier. And it also needs, and a lot, to have fun with its owner. So how do you play with the adult cat and motivate him to enjoy the minimum half hour a day he needs to keep his body and mind fit? Here are some keys to achieve this.

How to play with cats? They want small toys

Felines are hunters in the wild and enjoy the activity of chasing mice and other small mammals. Wild cats have a very busy day, which they complete with hours of hunting and physical activity, tasks that are rare in cats that live at home. This also explains why cats love boxes, and why boxes are a simple and inexpensive tool to stimulate their environment.

A key to encouraging the cat to play is encouraging them to explore its hunting behaviour. But, which toy is the most suitable to get it? And what size must it be if it is to be successful? Cats prefer small toys over large ones.

This researcher has analyzed the playing preferences of felines and, also, how the proximity of mealtime influences their play habits . The conclusion? The way the cat plays varies depending on how hungry it is, so that its interaction with entertainment objects grows as its stomach is less satiated and its time to eat approaches. That is, as the cat’s hunger increases, its hunting instinct also increases and its interaction with the toys that are close to it, even if these are large, objects that, on the other hand, it rejects with a full stomach.

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