Games to play with the cat this Christmas

Games ward off feline boredom and are essential to keep your mind active and in tip-top shape

The games cats are more important than it might seem. These tricks will help to play with the feline this Christmas, to keep its mind active and reduce behaviour problems, often motivated by simple boredom.

  • Hunting! For a domestic cat, playtime is the closest thing to hunting. Becoming a good hunter means being fast, smart, and not being afraid of the environment. Toy mice and balls will help to promote this hunting habit. To do this, it is convenient to clear an area of ​​the room so that the feline can run at ease and exercise.
  • Go for the flying bug! Is the cat a ground hunter or does it prefer to chase aerial toys? The felines that are aerial hunters greatly enjoy with simple dolls hanging from ropes or rubber bands and sticks, which pretend to be a fishing rod. If the doll also has feathers, success will be almost guaranteed.
  • I am a mouse, catch me! If the cat is a ground hunter, the challenge will be to think like a mouse or other possible prey. Thus, you can imagine what sounds it makes in nature and reproduce them with simple finger taps or scratches. A prey would not wait in the middle of the room, but would choose to hide under a chair or behind the door of a room.
  • Let me win! As in the rest of the games with felines, it is important to remember the following: you must allow the kitten to regularly catch the doll. This will make the game more challenging for them and will boost its self-esteem. You also have to allow them to take its time to come up with the hunting strategy. And, to play!
  • Do we repeat? Most cats don’t go out for walks the way dogs do. That is why it is so important to reserve play time with them and introduce it into the daily routine. Experts recommend playing at least 30 minutes a day with them. Game sessions can be divided throughout the day.

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