Why is my cat dragging its butt on the floor?

For the past few days, your cat has been adopting a somewhat strange behavior: it drags their buttocks on the ground, preferably on the rug or carpet. While this may sound funny, know that it probably indicates a medical condition. We will explain everything to you!

Note that if your cat licks their butt excessively, this could also be a sign that something is wrong.

1. The anal glands

Most often, when a cat drags its behind like this on the floor, it’s simply because it’s itchy. It then feels the need to rub their buttocks, especially right after being at the litter box. The reason for such itching? Their anal glands are irritated.

The anal glands are two glands located on either side of the anus that secrete a particularly odorous liquid. This liquid is evacuated naturally during defecation, when the stool comes to press on the anal glands. But it can also be evacuated in the event of intense stress.

However, it sometimes happens that the anal glands do not empty, especially when the stools are too soft, in case of constipation or if the evacuation channel of the liquid is blocked. Similarly, an abscess, a fistula, the presence of a foreign body (spikelet) or an obstruction can be the cause of clogged anal glands.

In any case, a visit to the veterinarian is necessary. Indeed, only it can solve the problem. It will then have to manually empty your cat’s anal glands (don’t worry, it’s painless for them). If left unchecked, this could lead to complications, which could have serious consequences on the health of your hairball, or even be fatal to it.

2. Worms 

Another explanation may be the cause of your cat’s itchy buttocks: worms, and more particularly tapeworms. Indeed, these can cause irritation in the posterior area.

For this reason, it is highly recommended to deworm your cat four times a year, at each change of season. Otherwise, the worms could develop in your feline’s body until they cause irreversible damage to its organs.

And be careful, there are different types of worms and not all of them are visible in your cat’s stool. So even if you don’t see any, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist!

3. Allergies

If your cat is allergic, it may cause them to itch and rub their buttocks on the floor.

Environmental allergies, such as dust mites, pollens, molds or fleas, may be involved. But it can also be a food allergy (chicken, beef, dairy products, etc.).

In any case, it is necessary to find the responsible allergen in order to improve the comfort of your cat’s life!

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