This Is Why Your Cat Sticks Its Butt To Your Face

Every time you indulge in a petting session with your cat, it’s the same thing: it turns around and shows you their buttocks, even sticks them against your face. As if it wanted you to take a closer look at their anus… But why is it doing that? 

Your cat has a unique way of communicating

As you probably already know, cats have different means of communication. Indeed, they communicate as well by visual, auditory, olfactory and tactile signals.

Thus, body language, which is part of visual communication, is of paramount importance to them. And for good reason, it is by the position of their ears, their tail or by the way they rub against humans and other cats that they express their feelings.

For example, if your cat wants you to leave it alone, it will flap its tail and flatten its ears back. On the other hand, if it wants to let you know that it’s happy to see you, it’ll hold their tail very straight and look at you with a soft blink.

But communication through smells is also very important. It is by rubbing against objects or living beings that they consider to belong to their territory that cats mark their territory.

Indeed, our feline friends have scent glands located in different places on their bodies. Especially the head and the tail. However, it is by rubbing them against any type of surface that they release pheromones and thus deposit their odors everywhere.

When two friendly cats rub against each other, they exchange their smells and create a common and familiar scent. The fact that all the cats in the same colony have the same smell creates a climate of security.

Your cat thinks of you as a big, friendly cat that rubs against them

But what does it have to do with your cat sticking its rear end in your face? In fact, when you pet your hairball, you’re replicating the feeling it would have if another cat was rubbing against it. Indeed, by the movement of your hand, you deposit your odors on it. And at the same time you pick up their own smells.

However, when two cats rub against each other, they first raise their tails high as a sign of friendliness and trust. Indeed, they thus offer free access to all their intimate and olfactory details. Then they rub against each other starting with the head. And, once arrived at the level of the tail, they then find themselves standing with the buttocks facing each other.

Your cat probably reproduces this same pattern when you stroke it. And it is also for this reason that it advances a few steps with each caress. It’s instinctive.

Now you will know that if your cat gives you a bird’s eye view of their behind, it is above all to show you all the confidence and friendship it has for you! And for good reason, turning your back involves risks for an animal such as a cat. Indeed, it deliberately adopts a vulnerable posture in which it will not be able to defend itself effectively in case of danger…

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