8 Reasons why your cat rolls on the floor

Your cat has the strange habit of rolling on the ground as soon as it has the opportunity, as if the ground were a very comfortable bed. But why such behavior? 

1. It marks their territory

By rolling on the floor like this, your cat may be trying to mark its territory. Indeed, these rolls allow them to spread their scent everywhere to dissuade other felines from approaching. It is then their instinct that speaks.

It’s exactly the same as when it rubs against furniture (or even you) to deposit its pheromones, odor hormones that only other animals can smell.

2. It’s in heat

If your cat is a female and she spends their day rolling around on the floor, it’s probably because it’s in heat. By doing so, it seeks to deposit them pheromones everywhere in order to attract the males of the surroundings and to mate.

3. It wants your attention

If your furball wants to play with you or wants a cuddle, it won’t hesitate to roll around on the floor or on the table in front of you so that you notice them. It’s not only an invitation to share a moment of relaxation with them, but it’s also a great proof of confidence to show you their belly so take advantage of it!

4. It brushes itself

Rolling on the floor, on sometimes really rough surfaces, is a way for your cat to pull out dead hair. A way of brushing yourself, in a way.

5. It scratches itself

By rolling around in the grass or in the dirt, your cat not only eliminates dead hair from its coat, it also eliminates any parasites that may be there. But it can also allow them to scratch, if an area of ​​their body that it can hardly reach is itchy.

6. It masks its smell

Most felines, before going hunting, have the reflex to roll in the ground in order to mask their scent. This simply allows them to avoid being spotted by their prey.

7. It cools off

In summer, cats don’t have too much difficulty withstanding the heat, given their desert origins. However, sometimes a cool floor, such as tile, marble, or wood, can be a way for them to lower their body temperature. Thus, they do not hesitate to roll on the ground in order to cool off a little.

8. It ate too much catnip.

Catnip is a real drug for our feline friends. And for good reason, it has the same effect on them as LSD on humans. However, it is absolutely not harmful for them and it is even recommended to get some for them.

If your cat has just sniffed a bit of their catnip, it’s completely normal for them to roll around on the floor since this herb has a powerful euphoric effect and can even cause them hallucinations.

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