Why does my cat sleep on my head?

Sometimes you wake up with cat hair in your mouth and nose. The reason? Your cat has got into the habit of coming to sleep on your head at some point during the night. Still, there seems to be enough room in the bed for both of you… But why is it doing this? 

1. He seeks warmth

As you know, cats particularly like warm places, especially in winter. Indeed, you may notice that your feline is looking for the sunniest places or near a heat source to take a nap.

And for good reason, the moment when it sleeps is when it loses the most heat. Thus, in order to maintain its body temperature at a high level, it therefore prefers to fall asleep in warm places, and your head is one of them! If this bothers you, try placing a hot water bottle next to you, your cat may prefer it to your head.

2. He wants to avoid your commotion

If you’re the type to move a lot in your sleep, your cat may just want to avoid you waking them up every five minutes by unintentionally kicking them.

It therefore prefers to lie on your pillow, or even on your head, in order to sleep more peacefully.

3. He trusts you

By snuggling up to your head, your cat is showing you that it trusts you. Indeed, felines tend to choose the places where they feel safest to fall asleep. It therefore knows that if a danger were to appear during the night, you will be able to warn them, or even protect them.

Moreover, falling asleep snuggled up against you is a nice mark of affection that it only reserves for their closest friends. Indeed, this is what cats do to each other to share their warmth but also their smell and therefore their affection. And for good reason, this position is particularly comforting for them.

4. He likes the smell of your hair.

Some hair products can smell particularly appealing, even reassuring, to cats. But your natural smell can also be very pleasant for your feline.

If this is the case for your cat, then it will tend to try to lie down on your upper body and thus smell the smell of your hair to plunge into a deep sleep. And it may even happen that it starts licking your hair!

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