Does your cat press its head against the wall?

Cats are famous for their ability to sleep in odd positions. It is for this reason that certain health problems, sometimes serious, can go unnoticed. And the so-called “wall pushing” is one of them. 

What is “pushing the wall”? 

When a cat compulsively presses its head, for no apparent reason, against a wall or any other surface, it is said to be “wall pushing”. In this case, it can be sitting or lying down. This behavior is to be absolutely differentiated from friction. Indeed, when our feline friends rub their heads against their human or against furniture, it is above all a way of marking their territory as well as a gesture of affection.

Pushing against the wall, on the other hand, is not normal behavior in cats. On the contrary, it often indicates a serious health problem. Indeed, the cat tries by this means to relieve the pain caused by intense headaches.

So, if you notice that your cat presses their head against a wall or piece of furniture, while sometimes moving along it until their head is stuck in a corner, go to the veterinarian urgently.

The causes of “wall pushing” in cats

There are several reasons that can cause a cat to press its head against a wall: head trauma, neurological disorder, cerebrovascular accident (CVA), meningitis, poisoning, brain tumor, encephalitis, hydrocephalus, brain abnormality, migraine…

The most common cause is hepatic encephalopathy. This disease, which causes nerve damage, is caused by a malfunction of the liver, causing toxins to accumulate in the blood.

In order for the veterinarian to make an accurate diagnosis, it is absolutely essential to provide them with all the necessary information about your cat. So be sure to tell them if you’ve noticed any other unusual symptoms in your hairball. It can be an abnormal vocalization, a change in behavior, seizures, disorientation or visual impairment. Your cat may even have started spinning in circles.

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