Why does my cat sleep at my feet?

Almost every night, it’s the same thing: your cat settles comfortably on your bed, at the level of your feet. So yes, you find it very cute, but you have to admit that sometimes it’s really not practical. Indeed, when it’s there, you don’t dare to move your legs (no question of disturbing them in their sleep!). But why does it love this place so much? 

1. It’s safer

Your cat is not crazy, it knows perfectly well that you weigh much more than them. However, if it sleeps near you and you move or turn around suddenly in the night, there is a good chance that it will get crushed.

It therefore naturally chooses to sleep in a place where it feels safe, that is to say your feet. Indeed, it is less likely to be sent waltzing to the other end of the bed or to be crushed. Plus, it would be a lot easier for them to escape if you started getting too pushy in your sleep.

Note that our feline friends generally choose the extremities of our body to sleep. They can therefore just as easily lie on our feet as on our head! It is only when they are kittens that they tend to sleep on our chest. Indeed, hearing the beating of our heart reminds them of their mother’s and it soothes them.

2. It loves you

Yes, if your cat accepts that you sleep at their feet (because that’s how it sees it), it’s also because it cares about you. Indeed, you are the person it feels closest to, so it’s only natural for them to snuggle up to you.

3. It feels safe

Not only does your presence reassure them and help them fall asleep, but it also feels protected by your side. It knows it can trust you and that at the slightest threat you will wake them up and do everything to protect them.

And of course, it will do the same for you. This allows them to sleep soundly and therefore to really rest.

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