Why do cats lose weight in the summer?

It’s hot and have you noticed that your little cat tends to lose weight and you don’t know why? Let’s see together why cats lose weight in the summer.

In summer with hot days the human being is not very attracted to food but prefers to drink more, this can also happen to our four-legged friends.

In fact, very often we can notice how thin our beloved felines become in the summer, but have you ever wondered why this change? In this article we will talk about the various reasons why cats so often lose weight in the summer.

Cats lose weight in the summer – the main reason

Many cats tend to lose weight during the summer, but why?

The main reason why cats eat less during the summer was found by a group of French and British researchers.

In fact, according to the study of the latter, our four-legged friends tend to eat more in the months of January, February, March, April, May, September, October, November and December and much less in the months of June, July and August.

This is due to the cat’s hormonal changes affecting her urge to eat. Such changes mainly occur when there is a change in temperature and daylight.

When temperatures are high, in fact, cats are less active and consequently need less energy, so they look for food less.

Which we won’t notice in winter, as the cat will be more on the move to warm up and will need more energy, so to eat more.

Skinny cat in the summer: other reasons

Although the reason why a cat loses weight in the summer is mainly due to a change in its lifestyle caused by the heat, there are other reasons why Kitty may be thin during the summer months.

One of these reasons is related to the change of the cat’s hair. Although the cat’s moult occurs in spring and autumn, our four-legged friend could change his coat even during the summer season, to adapt to the outside temperature.

So in this case the cat’s thinness could only be an aesthetic factor. However, more worrying reason that makes our furry friend skinny, is the summer parasite bite.

In fact, the latter could transmit diseases to the cat, such pathologies could have weight loss as a symptom. For this reason it is advisable to protect your feline with pesticide products.

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