Older cats lose their teeth: why and what to do

Is tooth loss in older cats a natural factor or is it something serious? Let’s find out together.

It is thought that as the cat is elderly, the caudata of the teeth is a natural factor, given the age. But is not so!

When the cat has the change of milk teeth with permanent ones, a possible loss of the teeth is the cause of some pathology in the feline.

Let’s see below what can be the diseases associated with the loss of the teeth of the elderly cat .

Tooth loss in older cats: causes

The causes of tooth loss in older cats can be many, the most common are:

  • Inflammation of the oral cavityperiodontitisstomatitis, gingivitis in cats are the most common causes of feline teeth falling out. The symptoms not to be underestimated are bad breath in cats and excessive salivation. In the most serious cases it is necessary to be careful that the cat does not have a fever, that its gum does not bleed and that there is no lack of appetite in the cat.
  • Mouth cancer: Another cause for which the cat may lose its teeth is the presence of a tumor in the mouth. Symptoms vary depending on which part of the mouth is affected.
  • Trauma and Fractures: In case your cat still has the root of the tooth in the gum, don’t worry, as it is a simple fracture of the crown of his tooth.


As with people, cats are also more likely to get sick when they get older, as their immune defenses are lowered. For this reason, the best cure is prevention.

First of all it is advisable for the cat to carry out veterinary checks periodically, in the case of elderly cats every 6 months.

Very important for prevention is that the cat follows a healthy diet, with food without dyes, artificial flavors and preservatives. It is also advisable to offer dry food to the cat, as wet food can cause tartar in the cat’s teeth.

Finally, if the vet deems it appropriate, you can give your senior cat supplements and vitamins to increase the immune system.

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