How to make your cat lose weight: tips

Reading this title – how to make a cat lose weight – someone might think that with the arrival of summer we have gone crazy and we want not only to go on a diet but also to make the cat lose weight and mass, for aesthetic reasons. For an unlikely costume fitting. It is not so. There are situations, beyond the changing of the seasons, in which it is necessary to intervene in the diet of our cat because too many rolls of fat are not good for him. Nothing has to do with the image of him, always assuming that obese cats are fascinating, but it is strictly a matter of health.

After this premise, necessary to make the intent understood, we can tell you How to make your cat lose weight, without making it suffer and without making us hate.

How to make your cat lose weight: obesity

Feline obesity is a fact, even more so than canine obesity, probably because domestic cats have few opportunities to exercise and if they are not athletic in nature, they can become sedentary. A little boredom, as it happens with humans, can lead to eating more. Obesity is also linked to diabetes and cases of diabetes have increased dramatically over the years.

Cats, in addition to the fact that they are increasingly bored at home, are also in fact a bit greedy. It undoubtedly depends on the character, for example a very picky cat who was convinced every time, but the greedy specimen is much more frequent, which brushes all the croquettes, or the box, as soon as you give it to him. If we have an obese cat at home, then, we make sure that it is not a disease, which the vet must take care of, and if it is not, then let’s get organized. It is necessary to intervene both on the quantity of food and on the type of feed, on movement and education. It is not enough to feed him less.

How to make your cat lose weight: food

Have you ever noticed how much your cat eats? Croquettes included? If we use canned food, most likely yes, but then the kibble and the extras are what can fool us. A bit like “human” snacks. Let’s take a step back and realize that the cat, like the dog, must eat a quantity of food that depends on its weight. There are not as many differences between the various specimens as there are for dog breeds, but this is not an aspect that we need to capture. We ask the vet to weigh our cat and follow the tables drawn up by the professionals without leaving anything to chance. After a few weeks, we go back to the vet to see if our treatment has worked and we adjust the aim.

In addition to the quantity, the quality of the food is also important. There are several opinions, even conflicting ones, on the matter. There are those who believe that homemade food is healthier, while those who argue that canned food is more balanced. In fact, in this case the choice is very often linked to the amount of time we have available, we could not cook for two cats regularly and rely on cans, trying to choose the healthiest ones possible. We pay attention that, between dry food and wet food, always packaged, the doses change because obviously they have different energy supplies.

How to make your cat lose weight: movement

The cat around on a leash, or playing in the park, strictly in the reserved space, cannot be carried as if it were a dog – with some exceptions that tolerate the leash – so we must find a way to make our cat move in a other way. Let’s try to make him play with fake prey, dedicate some time to him and relax with him, it can also be a moment of leisure for us. They are animals to stimulate, curious and suspicious, so we often have to strive to convince them to play the game and not go back to the sofa to sleep.

How to make your cat lose weight: discipline

As all cat owners know, these pets have a great ability to insist on getting what they want. They are among the most determined and stubborn, they do not give up. So if they want to eat, they will ask us for croquettes, meowing until our life is impossible and scratching the cabinet doors or the kitchen door, until it destroys it.

Here it is up to us to show firmness and not give in. It is necessary to impose oneself, without being cruel, but by making the animal understand that we are not corruptible and that they will not be able to get more food than it deserves. Educating your cat is not an easy thing, but we can also do it with a few tricks and a lot of patience.

How to make your cat lose weight: mood

A cat on a diet, much like a human being on a diet, does not burst with joy. It is a fact, especially in the early days. To make our partner understand that we are not punishing him and that we are not angry with him, let’s dedicate some time to him. Cuddles don’t make you fat, so let’s do a lot of them.

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