When, Where and How to Feed your Persian Cat

all you need to know

When to Feed your Persian Cat

His daily food, during this period, must be given to him in several times.

It needs  your attention  on the one hand and couldn’t digest large amounts on the other.

Between 2 and 4 months, the kitten is separated from its mother. If you received it at this time, you will have to deal with the adaptation and its increased demand for a reassuring presence.

You will be his only reassuring presence. You will therefore have to  feed it frequently  but very little at a time. He will manage to settle very quickly for three times a day plus once at bedtime.

This will allow him to wait until morning without feeling  abandoned .

From 4 to 9 months, your Persian cat transitions to a sufficient diet of 2 substantial meals a day. Accustom him gradually, otherwise  he will feel frustrated  and not understand.

Start by cutting out one meal by making the others larger, and finish by giving him one meal in the morning and another in the evening.

How many times a day should you feed a Persian Cat

At 9 months, your Persian cat, whatever their variety, is an adult. You can keep the rhythm of  two meals a day  ; if this is difficult for you, you can feed him all at  once .

He will no doubt want to join you if you take a meal in his presence without giving him anything: but if you have decided to feed him only once a day, you will make him understand that his place is not at your table!

Persian cats are not stubborn and their meows are delicate like their whole person: you will easily convince them.

The Persian cat adapts less well than another  cat to the rhythm  : a single meal a day.

It’s healthier for him to give him small amounts at a time in two meals a day rather than a large amount of food at  one meal .

Generally, the Persian cat is not greedy, it is rather gourmet by nature, but the temptation could be too strong.

Where to Feed the Persian Cat?

The Persian Cat shares this particularity with the Siamese. It will need a fixed place for eating.

A cat can’t start  looking for its plate  all over the apartment when it’s time to eat. It will eat where you put its plate.

The color of its plate does not interest it. Cats, including Persian cats, do not perceive colors and are sensitive only to their intensity.

It is therefore useless to think that a plate of such a color will stimulate its appetite more than a plate of such another color.

What is important is that its plate is clean and that it is the only one eating there. The Persian cat sticks to its  little quirks . It’s up to you to wash it at each meal.

You must dedicate a small bowl for its water . You must ensure that it is constantly full. The water should be neither hot nor ice cold but simply at room temperature.

Do not serve the Persian Cat your  favorite drinks with ice cubes  ! Your Persian cat would not resist it. If it’s too hot, give it slightly cooler water than usual, but it should never be ice cold.

If the place of the Persian cat’s food is defined, your Persian cat will not starve if you  move its plate  : but it is not obvious that it will find it easily.

On the other hand, don’t take your Persian cat for a detective! When you move its plate, show him where it is: if you put a  small treat on it, it will remember its location very well at mealtime.

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