How to feed your cat

If there is something really important in the health of your pet, it is its diet. When it comes to preventing certain major diseases, nutrition is essential. As far as kittens are concerned, you have to pay close attention and take into account their physical and sexual activity and their age, among other things. At Petlifey, we explain how to feed a cat in a simple way.

How to feed a cat correctly

  • Human food is not good for cats. You should never give your feline what you eat or the food that you have left over.

These pets are deserving of great care and attention and must follow a diet for cats appropriate to their nutritional needs.

  • The cat’s diet should be different according to its age. It is very important that you take into account the age of your feline, since it is essential that you buy the most appropriate food for it.

The food must contain all the vitamins and nutrients that your pet needs at every moment of its life. It is not the same feeding a baby cat, a young cat or an adult one.

  • Milk is not good for some cats. It is well known that kittens love milk, which is true, but it is important that you do not give them milk daily as some cats do not tolerate it well.

You can try, and if your feline feels good, give it once a week at most, without overdoing it.

  • Eating a lot of fish is not good for the cat. It is the same that happens with fish , it is said that felines like it a lot and it is possible that at some point you may think of giving your kitten a tuna. Watch out! It can be very harmful to your pet’s health.

If you want to give it tuna, you have to buy canned cat food, never give it what humans eat.

  • How many times should a cat eat a day. You should know that an adult cat eats once or twice a day, but you have to be careful with the amount of food you put on it, since, if you give it more than necessary, it could become obese.

This is very important especially in regard to sterilized cats, because they get fat very easily. There are also specific kibbles or feed for each type of cat.

  • It is essential to set a schedule for meals. Once you have decided the type of food that you are going to give your feline, you have to set the meal schedule, which has to be constant.

Your cat will be comfortable and very happy if the meal times are always the same. Altering the timing of their meals can stress your pet and their health can be adversely affected by digestive problems and other conditions.

  • Control hairballs on your cat. It is essential to control that hairballs do not form in your kitty’s intestine.

The cat likes to keep its body clean, for this reason fur can accumulate in its intestine, which must be removed so that obstructions do not occur that take away the desire to eat.

So that hairballs do not accumulate in your kitty’s intestine, there are special feed for it. Although you can also give it malt paste: the best way to eat it is to apply it to your pet’s leg, so when it is licked, it will ingest it. Hairballs can also cause your cat to vomit.

  • Do not abuse the prizes. As a general rule, cats have a sweet tooth and as soon as they see that you are cooking, they usually show up in the kitchen to see if you give them a treat. Above all, do not give it to eat sausages, chocolates or sugars, as they are harmful to your feline pet.
  • A cat must have a varied diet. It is also essential to vary its diet, because if you always offer it the same, the cat will get bored.

You have to alternate its food, sometimes give it dry food and other canned food, since it is important to vary in consistency and flavor. Your pet will be happy if there is variety in its diet.

  • A cat must have clean, fresh water. But it is not only important to vary your diet, you must also change your water daily, it must always be fresh and clean.

For your feline’s kidneys to function properly, it is necessary for it to drink water, which is why it must always be fresh and clean. Cats love running water and also like to see a lot of water in their bowl.

In the market you can find some small fountains that have a circuit that makes the water flow, in this way your cat will be happy.

  • Buy quality food . It is essential that the food you buy is of high quality, since this kind of diet has a great balance of fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates that will protect the health of your feline.

These pets require animal sources in order to obtain the main nutrients such as arachidonic acid and taurine, which can be obtained from plant-based foods.

  • Feeding a baby cat. If you have a new born kitten that does not have its mother, you will have to feed it in a very specific way. 

Remember to go to the vet to check your pet’s health. If you have any questions about your cat’s diet, you should always ask a professional.

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