What to do if you find an abandoned dog

Certainly many of you have seen a dog abandoned on the street while driving  and probably many have been seized with doubt and did not know what to do. In this article, we will share some tips so that you know exactly what to do in these cases.

What should you do if you find an abandoned dog on the street?

First of all, if you see an abandoned dog on the street while driving, you don’t stop suddenly and wherever you are, you could cause an accident. Before braking, look in the rear-view mirrors, put the indicators on, park in a quiet place, stop the engine, apply the handbrake and activate the hazard lights. In short, never forget the basic rules of driving. Even in the most critical situations, you must remain calm so as not to cause more problems than you want to solve.

The dog will likely be scared and could be injured or sick. Too abrupt and hasty movements on your part could frighten the dog with disastrous consequences. In fact, he could flee to the street and be run over.

When you approach him, take precautions. A nervous dog can also bite or scratch , or be aggressive, especially towards strangers. As you approach him, talk to him to calm him down. Make sure he can see you at all times. If you have something to eat with you, you can use it to make him approach spontaneously.

If you manage to get the abandoned dog into your car , once inside, close the door and call someone to help you. You can try some association that deals with abandoned dogs. In general, it is not advisable to drive with a dog that is not yours without having all the precautions available, in fact the dog could get nervous and become aggressive.

If, on the other hand, you have all the safety measures available to drive a dog in the car (such as a carrier or dividing net), take it immediately to the nearest shelter. If you decide to keep him with you because you have not found the owner, you must immediately take him to a veterinarian to have him examined so that he will receive the care he needs. To find the owner of a lost dog, a great idea is to post ads in local newspapers. Social networks can also be useful.

Before bringing your dog indoors, be sure to keep him away from the rest of your pets . The newly found dog may in fact be sick, frightened or aggressive towards other animals .

When he feels safe in his new home, take a picture of him and make a flyer announcing a dog has been found. Post the flyer in the area where you found the dog. Probably the owners will search in that same area. You can also post flyers near veterinary hospitals in the city and on websites. There are several that deal with giving visibility to this type of ads.

Some important things to consider

If you are unsure whether you can help the animal you found on the street, think carefully about all the responsibilities that have a dog. If you do not have the necessary means, the situation could become increasingly complicated. So be reasonable and think about what you can do for this animal. If you do not find the owner, you will have to take him to the vet yourself and know that it costs money. That’s why you need to be very careful and not make important decisions too lightly.

If in doubt, search the internet for associations that help abandoned animals. In general, they will be accepted until the legitimate owners are found or until they are entrusted to a new family.

Maybe the dog was abandoned, or maybe it ran away in a moment of little attention from the owners, in any case never judge. Accidents can happen to anyone and perhaps at this very moment a desperate owner is looking for his beloved pet.

Finally, always be honest with yourself and ask yourself the following questions: Are you ready to welcome a new family member? Will you be able to return the dog to its rightful owner should it show up? If the answer is “no”, the best option is to go directly to an animal shelter. Remember that the best way to help is always to be consistent.

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