Abandoned newborn kitten: how to act and what not to do

What to feed and how to take care of an abandoned newborn kitten so as not to risk causing it problems.

When you find an abandoned newborn kitten, the first thing to do is to make sure it has truly been abandoned. In fact, it happens that the mother cat has gone away to get food or divert the attention of potential predators from the den, therefore, the found kitten is not in a state of abandonment but is simply temporarily alone. How to understand?

If the little kitty is in a safe place and shows no signs of suffering, it is very likely that his mother has moved away. Do not take it, you could even damage it because handling it leaves your smell on the cat’s fur and when the mother cat comes back she will no longer accept it and will truly abandon it.

What to do if a kitten is found: feeding

The first thing to do when you find an abandoned kitten is to determine its age and in particular to understand if it is in the weaning phase or if it is older. Weaning takes place around 3-4 weeks of age so after this period cats no longer need to take milk.

If you are not sure of the age of the feline and you are afraid of giving him the wrong food, do not risk and take him to a veterinarian who will be able to tell you the age and advise you on the diet to follow, but not only that, he will check him and avoid the presence of any diseases.

But what to feed the found kitten? If he is a newborn (therefore still to be weaned) you will have to buy cat milk ; on the market they are available in powder form or in convenient ready-to-use bottles as well as baby bottles. Cats at this stage don’t eat a lot, but they do at least every two hours, day and night. The milk should not be too hot or too cold, but lukewarm.

After a month or so of life, you can start weaning the cat with the classic weaning mousses which, being balanced, do not need to be supplemented. At first, spread a little food in your mouth then you will see that Kitten will learn to chew and eat on its own and will gradually reduce the amount of milk.

In the case of a larger kitten, therefore already weaned, use the classic cans to feed it and also in this case the meals must be small and frequent.

What to do if a kitten is found: care

After the food chapter, let’s see what care and precautions the kitten needs.

Have Kitten stay in a warm and safe place, away from other cats / animals that, in addition to attacking him, could transmit diseases. If the kitten cries, does not eat, does not grow and has a swollen belly, take him to the vet right away.

To help him poop and pee, the mother cat would have licked him, but you can gently massage his belly (you can help him with a wad soaked in warm water) after meals, so you will favor the emptying of the bladder and the evacuation of the intestine. Some kittens are constipated: if Kitty hasn’t pooped for more than 24 hours you will need to take him to the vet.

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