Lost your cat: how to act to try to find it as soon as possible?

It’s now been a few hours since you’ve seen your furball, or it’s not home at normal times… In these stressful times, it’s important to stay calm – easier said than done. do, we agree! So to avoid wasting time and try to find your cat as soon as possible, here are some steps that can help find him.

Whether it’s a runaway after a fright, a fall from the balcony, a theft or the fact that it has strayed too far from its usual area, there are many reasons that can keep a cat away of their home. And since no one is safe, we might as well protect ourselves as much as we can!

Opt for a GPS tracker collar

Does your beloved cat have fun giving you little frights by sometimes going away for several days? Finding your lost cat is not always an easy task and is generally a source of enormous stress. But today, technology can take all that anxiety away from you! How? Thanks to the GPS collar for cats that allows you to geolocate your animal whenever you want and wherever it is. Besides, if you have a doggie, it also works with our dog friends. Not only does the GPS collar allow you to find your runaway or lost cat, but it also allows you to study your cat’s behavior.  Indeed, thanks to the tracker you will be able to observe the places where your cat regularly goes. You can see if he strays a lot from the house, if he is quite active or if he stays within the perimeter of the block. This information can be useful to better understand your cat! 

Currently, there are many models of GPS collars for cats on the market. It is therefore sometimes difficult to find your way around. But don’t worry, generally the operation remains the same. Among the most efficient collars, we find in particular the Weenect brand. Their system allows you to track your cat’s movements in real time directly on your phone. Also, you have no distance limit. Even if your cat is miles from your home, you’ll have no trouble finding it. Finally, if you are worried about the weight of the GPS tracker, it has been specially designed to be extremely light. Your cat won’t even notice! However, you must ensure that your animal has already been accustomed to wearing the collar or harness beforehand. 

Anticipate this kind of situation

This is particularly possible thanks to the identification of your animal. As a reminder, it can be done via a chip or – more rarely now – a tattoo at the veterinarian. This obligatory gesture makes it possible in particular to prevent a malicious person from reselling or giving up your lost or stolen animal.

In the end, the identification chip is a real guarantee of your good faith and proof that your cat is indeed yours with the I-CAD company. If someone finds your cat unchipped and does so in their name, unfortunately you will not be able to prove that they are your pet in the eyes of the law.

Declare the loss of your animal to the I-CAD

This is indeed the first step to take, because it will allow you to update your animal’s situation with the I-CAD files. To declare the loss of his animal, it is enough to be in possession of their identification number, which will allow the company to access their file. From there, the declaration of the loss of your animal can be done by telephone, email or directly on a space dedicated to animal owners on the I-CAD website.

Alert as many people as possible

Neighbors and surroundings

We should never underestimate the mutual help that people can show. Whether you are in a building or at home, it is always important to inform your neighbors and those around you of the loss of your cat – door to door or via a note or a poster that everyone can see. In this way, more of you will be vigilant! Don’t forget the local shops either.

Social networks

Same thing with social networks. Many Pet Alert type pages are specifically dedicated to finding lost animals in specific departments. Often, these publications are widely relayed and allow to create a real surge of solidarity which relieves in these difficult times.

Veterinarians, shelters and associations

Also, do not hesitate to push the door of veterinarians and shelters in the area. People who find stray cats often bring them home first. In addition, they have access to I-CAD files. Also think about associations (local or not) like filalapat which can be of great help.


Very often, unfortunately, it is patience that you have to show in this kind of situation… By the time word of mouth spreads, it can take several days. In the meantime, don’t lose hope and don’t feel guilty. Put a small bowl of water and food – or treats he likes – near the door in case he comes back. In any case, do not hesitate to persevere: cats are creatures that never fail to surprise us.

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