Cat with hiccups: Let’s find out the causes and remedies

Cats can have hiccups just like humans. The causes can be multiple and sometimes even serious.

The cat, as well as other animals even humans, can have hiccups. Have you ever noticed? Has anyone ever noticed, especially if the cat is a puppy, slight contractions of the abdomen accompanied by a more or less strange expression and annoyance? Here is just what represents the hiccup of our cat.

Hiccups in cats: what it is and how it occurs

But let’s go step by step and, before moving on, let’s explain in detail what the problem is. Hiccups in dogs, cats and humans are caused by a slight contraction of the abdomen which, accompanied by spasms, produces slight jerking movements.

Generally, even in cats, the symptom can cease on its own after several minutes, but if it becomes annoying, continuous, persistent even chronic, then we are talking about a serious problem and should immediately contact the veterinarian.

Typically, an older cat that has persistent hiccups can indicate a serious condition such as cancer, asthma, allergies, throat lesions, or heart disease. However, all symptoms can be cured if caught in time.

Hiccups in cats and possible causes

The causes of hiccups in cats can be many and in any case must be kept under control. Among the most common we have:

  • eating too much and too fast, which is why the cat swallows a lot of air;
  • swallow hairballs;
  • psychological reasons such as severe pain or depression.

Coughing is often confused with hiccups and this could neglect a problem such as asthma, cancer or allergies thus being neglected for longer than they should.

In any case, the causes of a light, non-persistent hiccup can be treated simply from home.

  • If the cat eats too much and too quickly, it will be sufficient to reduce the food rations and place the food bowl in a higher position so that it will reach it only if it has a real appetite;
  • if the hiccup instead is caused by hairballs, it is necessary not to comb the animal very often, the hairs can be lifted, inhaled or ingested, but use suitable foods or gels to remove them without damage

However, a cat with hiccups will be sad even fatigued:  therefore it is necessary to understand the causes immediately and make it stop as soon as possible.

Hiccups in cats: be careful not to overlook the problem

It is always recommended to pay attention and to constantly observe a cat that has a similar pathology: it can pass quite quickly it is true, we have already said, but if the thing persists for hours or days, then it becomes dangerous and in this case you must contact as soon as possible. your trusted vet.

The right thing to do in such situations will be to make specific analyzes in order to understand what the real problem is.

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