What are cats afraid of?

Our little felines are very playful, curious, but also fearful. Indeed, although they do not necessarily show it often, they can be much more anxious than we think. Here is some information on what can scare cats. 

1/ The strangers

Like many animals, cats are very suspicious. Indeed, although some people directly feel the positive or negative vibes of people, some are constantly on their guard. This phenomenon is all the more visible if you have visitors. It is then possible that your cat remains huddled in a corner and does not deign to leave until all the guests have left.

2/ Other animals

Even if some cats live very well with several animals, others can be scared to death! Although some may get used to dogs or other inhabitants of the house, it takes some getting used to. Moreover, it is possible that this agreement will never be made for several reasons. Thus, it is important to reassure his little companion and to install a safe place for him, so that it can feel good and safe there.

3/ The weather

Like us, thunderstorms, wind or storms can worry our animals. It’s normal to be fearful of events that you don’t control. The main thing is that you can reassure your cat and put them in a place where it feels safe when the weather is bad.

4/ Noises

Different sounds can frighten your dear cat: fireworks, cries, balloons bursting, firecrackers, vacuum cleaner, thunder, but also different unusual noises. The cat’s reflex will be to flee if it is in the wild or to hide.

It is essential to reassure them if you see that it fears these noises. Some cats may even run away in fear and find it difficult to find their way home once calm has returned. So be sure to watch them or reassure them when you are in their company.

5/ A move

Changes in environment can be very stressful for our little companions. Indeed, moving can scare them, because they will lose all the landmarks they may have created before. Additionally, it often involves a relatively nerve-wracking car ride for many cats.

6/ Unknown environments

Just like moving, unfamiliar or uncrowded places can scare cats. The veterinary practice is generally one of them. Indeed, the smells of other animals as well as the many information that arise in a short time (noise, movement, medical smells, manipulations, etc.) are frequently distressing for the cat.

7/ The cat may be afraid of you

As surprising as it may seem, your pet may be afraid of you. Indeed, some adopted cats may have experienced trauma in their former home. They may have been mistreated, abused by people who were not attentive to their needs, or even abandoned. Also, they may not have been socialized. In this case, the cat may be afraid of you, which will require a moment of adaptation, and a lot of patience and kindness so that it trusts you.

8/ Water

Although this is not a generality (yes, some cats like water!), this information is still relevant. Indeed, water is not a common element in their daily lives, and it is less easy to walk your cat on the beach than your dogAs a result, they are much more suspicious even if some are very curious and touch it with their paws.

So, although generally very brave, it is not impossible that your cat is afraid of a cucumber, a banana or another object that it does not know. These fears are instinctual and will usually arise when you surprise your pet with something they’ve never seen.

Although it may seem funny from our point of view, it is not for the cat. So be sure to always take care of him and make him feel confident. Plus, there are plenty of other ways to have healthy, respectful fun with them. It is important that you reassure them and that it can count on you in order to blossom properly and face certain fears that we cannot control!

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