Why is my cat is afraid of scissors

Have you just noticed that your Cat is afraid of scissors? Don’t worry, this is just one of the cat’s many phobias. Yes, it is a cunning and intelligent animal, but sometimes it does not know how to control terror.

The cat’s body language does not lie and provides us with useful indications to understand its mood and whether it is appropriate to intervene or not. Tail low or bent downwards, ears ‘tight’ to the head, completely folded, eyes wide open, widespread tremorfetal position and curved back to instill fear are all attitudes that indicate his terror towards someone or something. You have surely heard of the most widespread fears of the cat such as that for its fellows, for strangers, for household appliances, for cucumber, for socks, for balloons, for the veterinarian and for water, but some cats also have a great fear of scissors.

Everything you need to know about the fear of cats scissors

This object, present in all homes, in the bathroom, in the kitchen or as a work tool, does not make cat feel safe. The reason is simple. The cat associates scissors at the time of cutting nails (a possible feat!), a practice that it does not like at all. What to do to help them manage this fear? First of all, it is always recommended to hide the scissors and store them in a place not accessible to cat, even at the mere sight. Secondly, you must not force the animal to approach this object, never force it if it manifests fear in a specific place and for a certain circumstance or event.

If you have to cut her cat’s nails here are some simple tips to follow:

  • check all the cat’s nails once a week, including spurs;
  • never use nail clippers for people, but buy one for cats;
  • keep silver nitrate on hand to stop any bleeding;
  • always proceed patiently and gently, never use force;
  • talk to the cat in a quiet tone and do not scream, it may get scared;
  • if you let your nails cut reward the cat with its favorite food;
  • never amputate the cat’s nails, it is really painful.
  • if you cut the nerve by mistake apply silver nitrate immediately and do not be frightened because a lot of blood can come out.

Finally, it accustomed the cat from an early age to have his nails cut so that he perceives it as a normal and habitual activity.

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