Top 5 gifts for cat parents

Ideas to give on Father’s Day to men who are delighted to live with cats

Men who love felines will enjoy the following proposals designed to celebrate “Cat Father’s Day” in a fun way with them : family portraits with felines, t-shirts to vindicate their love for cats , mobile stickers for transform the car in a friendly way, mugs for “cat parents” and even feline aprons for the most cooks .

1. Sneaky portraits

The “cat fathers”, men happy to care for and pamper the felines with whom they share their live The following Father’s Day gifts are destined for them … in its most catty version!

These personalized caricatures of the feline are made by the cartoonist Diego Torres. They can be a gift for “Father Cat’s Day.

2. Camisetas Cat Dad

“Cat parents” do not have the opportunity to walk in the park with their pets, as do humans who live with dogs. But they can proudly display their “cat parenting.” How?

A fun way to do it is through these popular t-shirts that are printed with the message “I am a Cat’s Father . ” A nice way for men to air their love for their felines.

3. Mobile car sticker

This Father’s Day gift will surprise driving cat parents. This sticker transforms the car’s windshield into a friendly feline that wags its tail when the glass is cleaned!

4. Cat cups

Your morning coffee or tea will taste much better in these mugs, which are very suitable for gifts for “cat parents”. The printed message dictates “Home is where my cat is” , a true declaration of love that will delight the most proud parents of their pets.

5. Cat’s Father’s Day, and cooking!

Is the gift you are looking for a satisfied “cat father” who also loves cooking? Then this funny apron with the message “The best cat parent in the world” will be a great idea.

Did you like these proposals to give on Father’s Day to the “cat fathers”? You can comment and add other ideas in the comment section. Thanks!

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